Images of newer times


Yes, but would a genius as Nash not have anticipated that one, linking the black group to the outside earlier?


I guess we all miss spotting things from time to time :smiley: Nash’s mind was proably on what next big thing he was going to do, completely missing the fact that he wasn’t connected out through that hole. I’ve fallen for that exact same thing so I can sympathise (though obviously I’m not a genius). At least the play is vaguely realistic, as opposed to obviously wrong :slight_smile:


Own produce. In a park in Beijing, 2016


Zoom on board:



Holiday lunch on the Gold Coast


Getting stoned at lunch again, eh?



Take me to this park, please :wink:



Me too…


lunch looks gooood!


Real Life Go:


Real life chess I can understand: the pieces move around. But being a placed go stone doesn’t sound like much fun!


I believe Gu Li and Lee Sodol had a match in this location with this live set up. They played on a board and the people matched the moves. It is a very artistic presentation!


I guess I’d just doze away … “nudge me when I’ve been killed” :smiley:


Then you become a prisoner and spend the rest of the game waiting in “jail”.



LOL, yeah, I’ll just cuddle up beside the other prisoners and get some more sleep … “wake me when it’s over” :smiley:


No comment:


Very sad indeed…


Baduk In North Korea:



Hotelroom in South-Korea?