You know you are a Go addict when …


I’ll start.

You know your are a Go addict when you see Go shapes and joseki in tile mosaics.

Managing Go Addiction - (light-hearted)
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… you find yourself playing out sequences from your correspondence games before falling asleep.

… ogs notifications are the most important mail you get.

… you can effortlessly draw parallels from any given event to go and continue to talk about it for however long it takes for someone to interrupt you.

… on tiled floors, you always step on the lines, never between them.

… walking through the city makes you ask yourself how to approach the next corner.

a few came to mind :slight_smile:


and they’re not coming anymore :cry:


hmmm… can someone whose name doesnt start with a “K” post in this thread… this looks kinda bad :sweat_smile:.

@Kabootle unfortunately :sob:


… when first thing you think after sleeping late is “damn i hope i haven’t timed out”

… when you start reading possible variations from black and white bathroom tiles



When you do things just to be disobey KoBa. =]


I was asking for that :slight_smile:. 4K are still better than 3 though…

anyway. thanks to @pbgarden the thread is saved for good now :slight_smile:


You did it. Now the curse of K is broken.

(and I’m very sad that I don’t have an edgy go addiction line)


… when the first thing came to my mind when I saw this sentence was “4k is not better than 3k” …


When you play tengen in order to steal @KoBa 's heart


… When all your wallpapers are go related


…when you always forget about newly introduced people’s name, but if they play go they become your best friends at once.


When your having a problem at work and you think to yourself, “I need to Tenuki for a few minutes” so you go get a coffee.


When you pay with coins using perfect tetsuki.
When you see josekis in the night sky.


… when you try to pincer that white car on the parking lot

When you hold M&M's like go stone.


… when you mistake mentos for go stones and not the other way around.


When you are on vaccation trip in a diffrent country (spain) and forgot the travel-go, you looking in a supermarket for white and black candys with a good! price/stone ratio, found white and brown nuts, and glue some DinA4 Paper together to draw a go board in a good ratio to the choosen nuts, …and just play once 'cause the board is too big for the table on the sailing boat and you have to take wood coverage from the storage space to enlarge the table, and its so big that nobody else can sit on the table and you handle the blame with a smile about the nerdy go players who blocking the only table on deck. :smiley:


i sense there’s a story here :laughing:


…anything with a grid suddenly becomes a Go board.