You know you are a Go addict when …


When your reading declines from two books per week to one per week!
When reading no longer refers to books.
When go books start to outnumber your Chesterton books. (No, I’m not there yet.)
When you want to make eyes while playing six-way Chinese checkers.
When you win a big pot at poker and think, “I’d rather be playing go.”


With apologies to Patrick Henry, and intended largely for history-minded American players:
When I hear “Give me liberty or give me death!” and think first of go.

Go memes!



When you start seeing Go shapes even on an empty board.


When you reading tsumego instead of fiction book.


When you hear about a 5k foot race and wonder why SDKs are running.




… when every time you open a browser you find yourself typing “onlin” and hitting enter reflexively.

… when literally every small item you have to place on a table is placed with a significant “thwack” noise

… when you’re teaching a high school class and think “If boys were one color and girls were the other color and the seating chart was a board, who would be winning”


When you watch a football game and think that a timeout means the game is over.


When you save your chess game with perpetual check and cry out gleefully, “Seki!”


These are great :joy: unfortunately all the ones I thought of are already mentioned! I’ll keep thinking :wink:


When you zone out in conversations because you are playing go in your head.
When the first thing you do when you start up the computer is type in ogs and check the forums for new things.
Whenever you hear someone mention chess you mentally shout, “Go is so much better!”


When you constantly refer to anything DeepMind related as AlphaGo

When a fire alarm goes off in the middle of a game, but you refuse to just leave the board so you carry it with you.

When you begin calling your morning routine a “joseki”


@Mekriff: In my teens, almost 50 years ago, I actually did help carry a game board a considerable distance through a hotel. We weren’t escaping a fire, however. It was at a science fiction convention, and we were playing Risk. We got kicked out of the room where we were playing, so we carried the board in the elevator down to the lobby, where the hotel management kindly ignored us. It was pretty funny. Can’t remember why we got kicked out. I think it was late at night and some SF fan wanted his room back.


@mekriff i suppose hundreds of years of study went into your morning routine then :joy:. it must be pretty refined.


  • the old argument about life not being all black and white doesnt sit well with you anymore.
  • everything is a matter of life and death to you.
  • when entering a room you briefly scan it proverbially from corners to sides to centre. if there is an empty corner you feel drawn towards it.
  • when going for a run you imagine your feet doing one space jumps, struggling to get ahead of the other (hoping neither will succede).
  • in a group of three people you will keep a distance of three body lenghts from the other 2 to avoid overconcentrated shape.


You know you are a go addict when you lie awake thinking about some godawful move you imagine yourself to have made, and finally nothing will do except for you to get out of bed, go to the computer, log in and check it out. Only to discover that the horrible move never happened.

As if you don’t torment yourself enough over moves you actually made. Oyyoyyoy.


When “wanting the d” refers to the desire to raise your rank.

When your primary way of explaining things is now Go metaphors.

When getting in shape doesn’t refer to working out.




… when you openly talk about killing black and don’t find it weird


When someone say “honey” and you hear “hane”