You know you are a Go addict when …

  • When you check OGS more often than you do with any social media. You send more moves a day than IMs.

  • The shortcuts on your new tab page are OGS, DGS, Little Golem, L19 and other go related websites.

  • The “T” of shame means a thing to you.

Edit: also, you’d rather post on the OGS forums than on Facebook.


When the other half wants to retile the kitchen or bathroom, you arrive at the showroom and all you can see is your next DIY goban and stones.


When you are genuinely disappointed that nobody has posted anything on OGS forum but you also can’t think of anything.


When I read ‘sensei’ as ‘sanrensei’


Argh! I can’t unread this! Now it will start to happen! :smiley:


When someone has 3 in a row in connect four and you say that you’re in atari.


When every mention of any kind of strategy seems to be about go, including littlefinger’s advice to sansa in the most recent game of thrones episode (starts at 2min in)


You know you are a Go addict when… you stop awhile to watch the game. :slight_smile:


When you wonder how to take sente in a developing romance.


apparently everything is sente if you tenuki. I guess that doesnt apply here :laughing:.

after an approach there are 4 possible answers: ignore, back off, pincer or kick.


… and two of those could get you in jail!


If you always(!) tenuki you will not make (a)live.


You know you are a Go addict when you use the stone grip to pick up any small object.


when studying Tolkien’s Quenya (Elvish) speech and can’t help but think of Go when you find out what the term for “fathers” is.

what it is

in Quenya, father is “atar”, and the plural is “atari”


DGS? The others are all in my shortcuts already


Dragon Go Server. Another great turn-based Go server.


Dear god, another source of correspondence games? If this one gets through my work webfilter, i am done for


Lol. It’s nice for playing Go “on the job” because you can make one move at a time instead of dedicating 30 min-1 hour for a live game.

You know you are a Go addict when you play Go at work.


Well I pretty much exclusively play correspondence games, at work on OGS I have to play on my phone, which means I often make terrible moves on the small screen, then spend the evening trying to get out of the awful situation.

P.S. I now have 5 games going on DGS…OGS UI is much slicker, and I think I will miss the conditional move function when I am playing there!


If you’re on android and want to play from mobile devices android has an app, BW-Go Free, that has plugin support for DGS