You know you are a Go addict when …


When you change your name to “Dan.”


Each time the floorboards creak you look up to see if it was the click of a turn being played…


It’s a revolutionary grip. No shame there.

Also, picking up and place an imaginary stone on an imaginary board when no one’s watching.


When you know everyone on ogs.




You know you are a Go addict when … you read this thread and find that at least one comment describes you; and you‘re beyond all hope if it’s more than three …


You know you are a Go addict when … you don’t read this thread because you are too busy playing Go! :wink:


You know you are a go addict when you see the topic Styling group page

and you response is


When you see G-B-G quarter notes on a staff and think first of a Tiger Mouth—even though you are a musician!


You know you are a Go addict when your only friend is a robot named Crazy Stone.


When you insist that AlphaGo is a breakthrough in Go, while overlooking what it means for artificial intelligence.

Full disclosure: it kind of annoys me.


You mean, Google doesn’t give a rats ass about the game of Go, it is only, because of its complexity, a means for getting to their ultimate goal…a sex robot?


Lol, really it made me laugh. Hopefully it plays GO also…


Your post is funny, but sadly it is true for many…


With friends like that, who needs enemies!


When you name your pets Atari, Joseki, and Moyo.

Images of olden times

Great names!!


Or your gaming console :wink:


When you can endure losing better than in any other game.


You know you are a Go addict when you watch or read Hikaru no Go at least once a year.