You know you are a Go addict when …


… You spend much more time talking to people in game reviews than in real life.
… You can’t remember how many times you’ve tried to explain what “Go” is to outsiders.
… You know the name of Michael Redmond’s dog.
… You read An Youngil’s SGF reviews from 2012 on GoGameGuru.
… You try to strike up conversations about the Nongshim Cup with your family with no warning.
… You’ve read every page on Sensei’s Library, including all the useless ones, and checked them all for typos and broken links.
… You are actually one of about 20 people who edit there anyway.
… You read online back copies of the British Go Journal from the 20th century.
… You use the Internet Archive to find 2001-era posts by John Fairbairn in Mindzine (now long dead).


You’re disappointed when it looks like you don’t meet some of the criteria for “Go Addict” :smiley:


Just for clarity: it’s NOT John Fairbairn who’s dead, thank goodness, it’s just the Mindzine :wink:


You know you are a go addict when you’re shopping at an Ikea store and you reach into your pocket, produce a couple of stones, then proceed to test the acoustics of the furniture. Nearby there’s a glass bowl with some decorative stones. Attracted by the sound, other customers take up these stones and follow your example while the bewildered manager looks on.

Your wife quietly but urgently tells you to put those damn things away.


Haha, good clarification. John is happily still with us.


… when you play go with a cashier using coins:


I am wondering why did black(copper?) resign in that video … he can take the ko right?? I don’t see any ko threats. 43 PM


LOL, yeah, classic! From the Japanese show “Mr Nietzsche in The Convenience Store”

For those abstaining from FB:

BUT the English Wikipedia page apparently hasn’t been updated for quite a while, the show has been aired in 2016 already with 10 episodes, and I think I read somewhere that season 2 is also there already or in preparation. Looks like something I’d like to watch if I had time (and knew Japanese, of course).

See alsoニーチェ先生〜コンビニに、さとり世代の新人が舞い降りた〜 (I used Google Chrome’s in-built translation, not that bad.)


So, what is Redmond’s dog’s name?


Welcome to the world of Go. We hope you enjoy your stay.

btw It is choco


… if you watch that AG vs AG video that @KevF posted, turn on subtitles, and ROTFL about …


WAIT :slight_smile: white has the whole right side (it’s 9x9 but there are only 8 stones on X axis) so white has more points


I tried recreating the situation on demo board. I can’t find a way for white to win though (even for 7.5 komi). Maybe someone can help me check this out.


A while back, I wrote a haiku about this series.

AlphaGo Review:
Michael and Chris drinking port,
Choco tangled up.


White has two ko threats at c9 and a7, also d4 gives white another point. Black can’t win this ko - he either starts another ko in upper left or looses the two black stones. Either way it’s white’s game.

I played out the sequence on the link u provided


…when the room starts spinning during a game and you keep playing anyway (idk if this is bad, but this happens when I get really focussed on a game)


Um - you might want to see a doctor. Seriously! :open_mouth:

(or don’t play while you’re high).


This happened to me too once during a tournament. It was so bad I had to rest my head between moves just to keep from passing out. I thought about withdrawing, but I continued to play and luckily I ended up winning my division.


after a long day at work, you park your white car against a black one and think about contact play.


You’re filling up your weekly tablet dispenser with all your prescriptions, and as you lay down your different pills you note the white ones and the dark ones and you try to achieve good shape.