You know you are a Go addict when …


You’re at work trying to solve a problem and find yourself thinking, “I need a tesuji for that.”


When you are hallucinating clicks and clacks as soon as you see a board.


When you name your children Toya, Kima, and Shomari.


you hear a great song from many years ago suddenly in a different light:


LOL, I had that just a week or two ago when I created an animated GIF from an SGF file :smiley:


… You start applying tewari to Scrabble.


When you open your browser to Google something but end up here.


When you wonder why people say chessboard is 8x8, when it’s clearly 9x9.


You’re stuck at an airport for a couple of hours and this is what you do. :slight_smile:


.When you think, “White is about to be taken”.


Obviously a sacrifice by white.


Mind you, black is seriously overconcentrated.

It occurs to me that if this were a kung fu movie, you could very comfortably bet on white. I figure if she kicks here then executes a kind of knight’s move to either side, she’ll be just fine. The moves that follow are more or less inevitable.

As things stand, it probably results in joseki. But give the lady a set of nunchuks and, of course, it becomes a different story.

Go theory, beauty pageants, the martial arts. How wonderfully it all comes together! I need to take a moment.


You need to take a Prozac. :joy::rofl::sweat_smile:



When you keep thinking of your past games. Constantly regretting your bad moves, over-rejoicing over your wins, even from months or years earlier, and you often desire to play a game even when you are actively trying not to so as to devote your time to other aspects of your life.


When wrong direction means more than a mistake in map-reading.


You know you are a GO addict if you click on the above link and are intimately familiar with every single term and problem listed in that link.


When an unsolved tsumego gives you insomnia.


…When you’re bored and write four Go haikus instead of paying attention in Calculus.

(don’t worry about my grades, I can sleep in that class and still get a 5 on the AP test, because I’ve already learned the subject matter)


… ask for a total playing time just to check out how much you actually play :wink:


When you actually play out a commented game that’s in printed kifu style onto Drago. All that time scanning left to right down the board to find a tenuki move…