You know you are a Go addict when …


When you actually play out a commented game that’s in printed kifu style onto Drago. All that time scanning left to right down the board to find a tenuki move…


…if you spend Christmas day on OGS playing Go.


… wondering where everyone else is… :smiley:


… when somebody liking one of your comments is a good enough reason to necro a thread


…when you read about some “24h of Le Mans” and you think “That’s quite the handicap”.


…you refer to your posture as “shape”.


… when to you THIS is the master Yoda.


(fun fact: it was his game against Rin Kaiho that was shown as the game between Sai and Toya Meijin)


… when you think this is a video on fuseki


…when your driving in traffic and refuse to go into a lane because you see the hanging jaw and refuse to be trapped.
…when your driving and you find yourself shoulder tapping their bumper (in position only)


You know you are a Go addict when…
your most expensive asset in your home is your go set…
(Not my case :wink: )


Is a hanging jaw a / chinstrap (agohimo)?


You must be a Go addict if you annually budget $2000 or more for Go related expenses.


You keep playing…


Wow! I don’t even spend that on books. Of course, I buy almost all my books used.


A major chunk of it goes toward the US Go Congress that I attend every year. And I also pay for lessons. :blush:


Ah, the Go Congress, so then it is in part a vacation expense. Still an impressive sum! Sounds like a lovely vacation, too.


Tiger Jaw. My bad.


wait. you’ve actually met another go player? IN THE WILD???


In English we generally call what I think you’re referring to the “tiger’s mouth”. ( )


I suck at the game but have been playing excessively, and drop ranks down to 25k when depressed desperate to get a win again and end up racking big losing streaks. Definitely counts as addiction behaviour I think!