You know you are a Go addict when …


Yeah that’s called playing on tilt


Yeah have been doing so all day, Go makes you feel so stupid when you repeatedly lose. Probably not just a feeling though haha


I’ve been there.

  1. Sit down at computer.
  2. Stare blearily at the screen.
  3. Disengage brain.
  4. PLAY GO!!!


I’m not sure 3 & 4 go together there, buddy.


Clearly you haven’t experienced what tilting is like :,(


When you hear that something is “settled,” you think first of go.


… you describe a well played game as ‘beautiful’.


You hear someone say the word “cute” and your brain spells it “kyut”
TN. also a side affect of talking to trashy dan players


You know you are a Go addict when you see Go everywhere you look.

Take this public restroom for instance…

A horse face?

A goban?

A Go school in the restroom?


More like mirror Gojo, amirite? :rofl:


…when you’re sick but can’t let that stop you from trying to rank up.

…when your most valuable achievement is your OGS rating.

…when you reread through this entire thread for the fun of it.

…when you get into a heated debate over the .5 point tiebreaker in komi.

…when you’re about to graduate and all you can think about is how much go you’re about to be able to play.


…because rather than being a productive member of society, you purposely get a disability to enable your Go addiction.


When you inadvertently pick up and put down small things (candies, coins, piece of rubber, a pen, etc) using your index and middle fingers.


When you place change on the counter like go stones (Have been doin it for 12 years now)