You know you are a Go addict when …


When you start to drop ashes in your rosewood bowls (with clam stones) and try to pick your stone in the ashtray.


IIRC I’ve written elsewhere about all the permutations that happened when it was still allowed to smoke at our Go meetings …

  • coffee/tea mug
  • ashtray
  • stones
  • rice biscuits
  • bowls
  • mouth
  • hand

It really happened that somebody placed a biscuit on the board, or put a stone in their mouth … and sure, ashtray/stones/bowls/ashes.
The more exciting the game, the weirder the permutations.


I’ve stuck my hand in my tea cup many times while reaching for a stone :yum:


I hope the person who put the stone in their mouth didn’t bite down. Just when a dentist thinks he’s seen it all!


When you find the pro players to be the most sexy in the world.


I gave you a S.



Joanne Missingham 6p Taiwan Qiyuan


When you see alphago variations on your bathroom tiles


When Go enters your dreams in one shape or form.


Throwing your goban at the garbage camp at Zero-zero-zero-zero and start searching it at Zero one hundred hours!


When your idea of a perfect Christmas present is a go set.


When your weekly planning looks similar to this:

Tuesday: back from weekend tournament. Let’s find this strong Chinese player I met last week.

Wednesday: Go club. Came back quite late…

Thursday: ok I did found that player and although he looked a bit busy, we reached to play a couple of games.

Friday: time to leave for another weekend tournament. Arriving the night before I can befriend the local players.

Including many games in the night ( and a hard one in the morning)
Can’t leave like that, need to enjoy a few more with less stress…

Ok let’s start again


… when you stumble upon a Japanese multiplication method and keep pondering all day if there is a relationship with their ancient boardgame. :thinking:


When confound ladders whit…ladders!


When you would rather play go than…[fill in your second favorite activity].


Hei JiaJia with the Subtle Bird.


I managed to find out that “Hei JiaJia” is the chinese name for Joanne Missingham.
But what’s a subtle bird??? What’s more, uppercase! :smiley:


…When you reach the last minutes of a university exam and try to get the most points in endgame


Russjass (& everybody else too) Do you know about (don’t try at work!) the Little Golem Game server? Not only do they have Go in normal formats (9x9, 13x13, 19x19) they also have 37x37, and my favorite variation Toroidal-Go {unbounded (no edges or corners) 11x11 playing area)}!!! Other Go variants and many other games, Twixt, Chess, Hex, etc. etc. :slight_smile:

…and now for my contribution: you know you are a Go addict if during a construction project EVERY scrape of wood even close to being a square needs to be saved because it would make a good GoBan (at least a nice portable practice board if not more)… TRUE STORY! :smiley:


I have no idea how it originated, but to “flip the bird” is to extend the middle finger in the familiar up yours gesture. I see Ms. Missingham is holding a stone, and appears to be in a very good mood, so I’ll assume she intended no hostility. Unless, indeed, she’s being subtle.