You know you are a Go addict when …


I must say, Ms. Missingham strikes me as an absolute sweetheart. Which makes it somewhat amusing to remember that she would bring endless fire and brimstone down on my poor dumb ass in a game. Traditional perceptions of “the gentler sex” tend to wear thin on such on occasion. A go game is serious business after all.

You want Ms. Sunshine back? Got to wait until the game’s over.


When first time you come to China, your first touristic attraction is not the forbidden city but an obscure remote smelly stone factory.

Then you find yourself to be the only adult in a 300 children tournament to try to be a dan player


There is a bunch of female pros famous for their high fighting skills starting by Rui Naiwei, Park JiEun …


So today I learned three new expressions. :slight_smile:

  • flip the bird
  • up yours
  • the “subtle bird”


Nothing better than learning some high-class English expressions that also come in handy all too frequently… :rofl:


The only time I’ve encountered “up yours” was back when I played D2 LoD on ladder. Everyone had fancy scripts that allowed you to broadcast messages above your character with “! message”, in different colors, to boot. One of them was an ascii picture of that gesture. :slight_smile: Good times. I won’t even get into the mind-bendingly weird experience of what I had to do to get a Zod-rune.


You, guys, are my go-club now!


guys = ladies and gents




When the first word your baby say is atari


You know your baby is a Go addict when…

The first word your baby says is 'oshitsubushi.'


When your baby is called “Atari” !


When you’re PROUD that your baby ate all the stones.


When you order these black and white sweets from Holland because of that


When, in a pub after a tournament, you persuade the person next to you to play 9 x 9 with no stones and no board. Pointing out the placement of the imaginary stones on the table. “First move is tengen”.


Most pubs have a chess board somewhere which makes a perfect 9x9


You know, I can more or less imagine a baby actually saying oshitsubushi. It might take a while, but if the kid hangs in there it just might happen. The pronunciation would probably leave something to be desired, but that could be overlooked.


When any teaser as “361 blink, blink” it’s about Go!


…you’re playing Tetris, and you refer to some non-obvious good play (like using an L block so that it makes two non-sequential lines) as a “tesuji”.


… when you sneak out of important meetings at work because your correspondence opponent made a move

… when people at work starts asking you about your stomach problems because you run to the toilet every time there is a new correspondence move

… when you hear a non-go playing colleague say “we can’t tenuki now” in a meeting

… when you write your own app for the mac touch bar to be notified about new forum posts on ogs

… when you rush back home and cancel your night out because Cornel went live on twitch

… when you have to upgrade your cell phone plan with more data so that you can watch twitch on the go

… when you find yourself trying to avoid upper-case Ls in your sentences