Playing Go in Movies and TV-Shows (pictures)


Star Trek Enterprise (“Cogenitor” - S02 Ep22 - 28m39s)

Commander Tucker (B) is playing Go with an Alien (W).
He disagrees with the Alien Culture, where a third sex will held like pets, only for reproducing. He teaches it reading and shows ship and earth culture.
Tucker is losing, what prooves the intelligence of the “pet”. (altough there are still many many weaknesses for white),…It looks like, they had probably a 18-22k player on the set :slight_smile:


Code Geass

Seitokai no Ichizon


Amagi Brilliant Park

  1. looks more like 50k - “saw it in a beautiful mind”…k. they could have easilly set up any random pro game (or at least a real one), but why bother i guess :sweat_smile:.

  2. also… no wonder tucker is losing when white played 2 stones for every one of his :sunglasses:.

  3. obviously go is played sitting tailor-fashion on the floor (everyone knows its the only way to look as if you are concentrating hard :joy:), even if they are in a western world(ish) furnitured room with loads of chairs and tables. its a wonder theyre not sitting in seiza bumping their heads while bowing clumsily, spilling ceremonial tea. and wheres the zen style garden on this ship?.. doesnt anyone think practical anymore.

EDIT: reread my post and thought it might come off a bit bitter… i was just having a laugh with it is all. im thrilled they use it as a prop at all :grin:.


White Vengeance

The Divine Move

//do books count?//
The Chinese Lake Murders




“Pi”, the 1998 movie by Darren Aronofsky, starring Sean Gullette and Mark Margolis. Weird but good film about a mathematician and in a way, about the nature of reality. Wikipedia describes it as a surrealist psychological horror-thriller film. Not too far off. :slight_smile:


Dang it, you beat me to it. :slight_smile:


Sorry for not posting a picture but there is a sensei’s library page about go references in movies also.


Well yeah, but that’s no fun :confused:


Beat me to it, too. Pi is a particular favorite of mine. I tell my friends, “It is a thriller about mathematics.” Aronofsky and the actors were coached in go by a New York go club.


Nice bit of trivia! :slight_smile: Wouldn’t have thought they went to so much effort considering the relatively small part the game plays.

I remember how I was just blown away the first time I saw it. It deserves to be better known than it is, but I guess the subjects are too obscure to really interest most people, and the style is probably off putting to many as well.


Scene inthe series “Billions” where they host the Go Club at the office. They even make a comment about avoiding a monkey jump in the end of the scene :smile:


Kubo and the Two Strings


I have this, I shall have to rewatch it :slight_smile:


in this new tv-show “Counterpart

the first seconds of the opening-main-title are promising!! :wink:
(they use a go stone-development as symbol of complexity)

(I just started, i dont know if they will deliver)

a few seconds later: the show starts with a go game.
second edit: yes, it seems like its an exiting show (after the 2 first episodes).


Altered Carbon S1:E7


“Altered Carbon” I was too fascinated by the show to stop and make a screenshot. Very big cinema!


Sai Fujiwara in “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei”

Sai Fujiwara in “Poputepipikku”


Star Trek Enterprise (“Cogenitor” - S02 Ep22 - 28m39s)
" It looks like, they had probably a 18-22k player on the set".

More like a 30kyu, in my opinion.

Black has 63 stones on the board and 9 captured white stones.
White has 99 stones on the board, which would mean that there are at least 45 captured black stones, somewhere.

go game tv


I’m no expert, but that seems like an abnormally large number of captures. Unless the point was to subtly showcase an enormous intellectual imbalance at play.