Playing Go in Movies and TV-Shows (pictures)


영화는 영화다 (Rough Cut, 2008)
스톤 (The Stone, 2013)


Hmmm…well nobody will be surprised to learn that they play Go in ‘Hikaru No Go’ and ‘Tron Legacy’ is in the list mentioned by @Pempu: So here’s a challenge for you all:
:point_up: point in gote for naming the program. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed: points in sente for the episode title.


In some of these the board looks so weird I suspect they are playing gomoku. But yeah, some of these are very tragic and show a bit of laziness by show creators when all it takes is to come here and steal a game :smiley:


Only areas that have possibility of having captured anything is the top left and top middle white areas, And they dont look like 45. Pretty sure they just randomly dumped stones on the board and made borders without knowing or caring about equal stone count.

@Pond_Turtle The website wasn’t up then. But true enough that finding any random game shouldn’t have been hard considering the Internet was also up for quite a while by then.


Looks like some denomination of Journey to the West. Grainy film and makeshift zero-budget costumery suggests it’s the 80s version.


1point in gote for @smurph. ‘Monkey’ would also be a one-point answer as that was it’s title in the English version. 1978-1980 so I’m not sure about calling it 80’s version. :stuck_out_tongue:


Incidentely original book contains some pretty neat verses about GO

Approach with extreme caution
As if facing a deep canyon.
Such is the meaning thereof.
The poem says:
The board is the earth; the pieces are the sky;
The colors are light and dark as the whole universe.
When playing reaches that skillful, subtle stage,
Boast and laugh with the old Immortal of weiqi"

*just reading it as it happens


This series (Counterpart) actually made me start playing go :slight_smile:


For those not familiar with it:

Known as Son Gokū in Japanese. And probably also related to the Indian Hanuman.
My family :monkey_face: :monkey:

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From a Kamen Rider episode. Would be pleasantly surprised if there’re like-minded individuals who have watched it and know which series this is from.

From the picture of him holding his stones, He either has an unorthodox grip or likely doesn’t play the game, unless he is some tech savvy elder who plays online Go more.


Maybeh I can’t tell from low res pic but how is his grip unorthodox? Looks very much like mine between index and pointing finger, the latter being on top.


Usually the pinky and ring finger are extended out. it’s the most natural when you extend your fingers holding the stone out, all of them will naturally extend out as well.


Oh right, I did not notice that. I also extend thumb actually.


Maybe he has arthritis


The sad possibility is; maybe they did.


“If I may,” Doug said, “I’d like to propose a board game.”

Jeremy nodded. “Okay. For every piece that’s taken, a shot.”

Doug smiled, “That takes Go off the board, for safety’s sake, or a ko situation. Too bad.

from book “Pact” J.C. McCrae


From the well acclaimed Escape Plan 2


This one – The Row – is not at all light-hearted. According to the AGA E-Journal, the filmmaker chose “the famous Honinbo Sansa Kashio Rigen triple ko game from 1582, with its suggestion of stalemate and ill fortune” (which may be familiar to HnG fans, from the issue about the school play).

The Row



… And of course, who hasn’t felt like this …