Playing Go in Movies and TV-Shows (pictures)


Do videogames count as well?

From League of Legends, every time he goes back to base he plays…



Thanks to the son for finding THAT one out!

Edit: and true: A 16x16 board was shown.


If we’re going to include games, the latest story quest for warframe includes a go segment. No pics because

  1. I haven’t personally played it yet
  2. I’m told it contains warframe spoilers


Paniponi Dash

Hidamari Sketch


Oh! New but not-so-new Go spotting! Arrested Development Go playing by Annyong and Maeby, season 1 episode 22


Prison School


Huge topic, and not yet well developed. It deserves to be a clean topic, I mean only pictures, not links to pictures and out of topic replies, like, oh, you beat me at posting this one. I am not sure if links to pictures are automatically embedded like movies, so I will just test and add later. Is from the movie Tron Legacy.

Actually I have a whole category of posts dedicated to this subject in my blog. There I have close to 100 posts each one presenting a movie that contan Go references. I work on this list since a decade ago, and still have a lot to add, many posts are still drafts.


@OnceAhasverus it is a good movie.


I agree completely. It deserves to be wider known.


I resurrect thee! Albeit with a slightly offtopic post. Gomenne. :smiley:


That guy missed an opportunity for a 6 fingered man reference!


Gattaca? Princess Bride? (Didn’t watch the latter.)


The latter :slight_smile: Would have made a much better picture than the one he used eh!


Bluesman Hound Dog Taylor’s hand. True



Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa


Orange is the New Black

Season 1 Episode 12




From the short film “Time Agent” presented by DUST on YouTube (

Based on the placement of the stones, I assume they are actually playing Gomoku but I figure it’s close enough?