"I remember..." game

This is a very simple game. Each player posts something they remember from Go history, which was slightly earlier than the thing remembered in the post before.

I remember the old OGS ranks, before the update this year.

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I remember when chat markup was introduced, just before the new ranks game in.

(Maybe OGS features don’t count as go history really!)

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I remember when the Go Memes thread hit 2,000 posts :P

Actually, that’s too early.

I remember the New Year’s variant tournament on seequ’s server.

I remember when the forum games category was introduced so I could mute all of them at once :wink:


Not sure when that was…

I remember the start of the Through the Years tournament. That was, by the way, before the beginning of the All-in-One Democratic Game.

I also remember when Yeonwoo got promoted.

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Haha can we put some approximate dates on these, or are y’all leaving them out on purpose?

I remember the AGA’s first e-Go Congress! (Aug 2020)


…how did you find this thread? :thinking:

But thanks for the info, I will probably do the same as you soon! This game seems fun though since I might learn some Go knowledge :slight_smile:

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I changed the topic out of consideration :D

It was originally in General Go Discussion.


Through the Years started in June, actually.

That was also before OGS introduced support for custom boards, which happened in July and spurred the creation of the Board backgrounds library.

I remember when OGS replaced the stone placement sound, which might be in the right temporal range, though I don’t remember exactly when it happened.


I remember Nick Sibicky’s last lecture in the Seattle Go Centre, in March of last year.

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I remember when the horrors began last year with the terrible correspondence disconnect bug.


When was that, do you remember?

April 20, 2020


I remember when John Conway, inventor of the Game of Life with a goban and stones, died from coronavirus on the 11th of April.

See Covid-19 and Go at Sensei's Library, a page which sadly needs to be updated to read “2019–21 (…) pandemic”.


I’m starting to see what the game is here (and bugcat is winning by a mile). Effective points (implied cred?) are scored by being as close as possible to the last one, but you don’t want to wait too late to put your entry that you can remember which is further in the past, in in case some numbat comes along and goes further back than you… and neither do you want to be the numbat that goes too far back in one hop, scoring big negative effective points…


Hey, wait, Bugcat did March of last year, so how come we have some Aprils of 2020 after that?

I hadn’t thought of it so competitively, but “small hops” is indeed the name of the game since the further back we go in time, the less people can play, since I envisaged that to “remember” an event, you have to actually remember it.

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I figure there has to be some discincentive to to big hops, hence my observation of what that discincentive is.

But I’m not sure what kind of numbat you are if you actually go in the wrong direction :wink:

Well, John Conway’s death is a valid hop from the correspondence trouble, even if the corr. trouble wasn’t a valid hop from Nick Sibicky’s Go Centre lecture.

Let’s just regard the entire chain so far as valid and continue from Conway.

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We could probably debate endlessly about how to score the size of hops and if whether going the wrong direction should be scored as negative points or not (like area vs territory counting)…


Surely a pedant would insist on this, if it is written in the rules?

(goes off to see about putting numbat into someone’s title)