Re: Correspondence games lost by disconnection

Hi All,

Apparently I really messed up somewhere, and about 20% 8% of correspondence games have prematurely ended by “disconnection”.

I’m trying to figure out what happened. I’m terribly sorry. More details will follow.

Update 1:

  • The code that performs the loss by disconnection was disabled shortly after this event, meaning it should no longer happen.
  • It is not going to be possible to restore lost games. I’m very sorry. Game terminations ripple throughout the system and carry far beyond a simple game state, unwinding that is a bit like trying to repair a broken glass you dropped off the counter. It is possible to fork games to resume them with your opponent, this will however not have any bearing on the outcome of the original game, so it’s only useful if you want to finish playing out a game, it won’t affect rank or tournament positions.
  • I’ll figure out something to repair ranks, but it won’t be a fast patch today, I don’t want to mess that up too by trying to rush a patch.
  • I’ve manually enabled “weekend” pause timers for all correspondence games for the time being, as paused games were somewhat insulated from the bug. I’ll turn it off when I’m confident things are fixed properly.
  • I’m still working through things to figure out exactly what happened.

Update 2:

  • The issue has been found, we had a data inconsistency related to the time control system that I failed to handle correctly. The result is the disconnection code saw these games and counted them as being live games instead of correspondence games. I believe I have a fix, but I’ll be validating that for a bit still before I release so I don’t break anything else up by accident with rushed fixes.
  • The related issue that caused players to not be able to pause or place moves in some games should be fixed, please message me if you are still having problems.

Update 3:

  • I’m rolling out the fix slowly to make sure I don’t miss anything again, but so far it looks like the issue has been isolated and resolved.
  • There’s still an ongoing issue where the move counter isn’t always reporting all games, because of this I have not removed the manual weekend timer. Fixing this is the current top priority.
  • A total of 1588 games were affected, “only” 8% of the games.
  • After the server is stable again I will be working on repairing ranks and annulling all affected games automatically. You do not need to request for game annulments. I expect to be able to do this either late this week or at the start of next week. The updates will properly account any games played between now and then, so feel free to play games, sorry that ranks will be a bit chaotic for a few days.

Update 4:

  • The move counter issue should be fixed, please let me know if you are still having problems with it.

Update 5:

  • Manual weekend has been turned off

Update 6:

  • Ranks have been repaired

Thanks for this post, just now I wanted to ask what happened.


I am really relieved that you are aware of this. I know you will find someway to fix this. :slight_smile:


Might want to put up a site banner linking to this, to let people know what’s going on.


Good idea, done


@anoek I don’t know if it’s related but I have 8 corr games in which it is my move, but the turn indicator up the top only says 6… just thought I’d let you know

edit: FWIW this bug has now resolved
edit2: borked again


I’m as strong as Sadaharu everyone, yay!


I think I lost the most ranks out of anyone on the server.
I was 5k, now I’m like 18k.


OMG, I hadn’t even thought about the larger-scale implications of this.

Ladders, tournaments, rankings …

Hopefully there is a backup and we can just rewind everything.


ladders and rankings can be fixed… I’m not sure about tournaments :confused:


Same here

Muchas gracias. Me cancelo varias partidas y la verdad estaba desconcertado.
Aguardamos nos comentes.
Saludos y gracias nuevamente por preocuparte.

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Let’s focus on the positive

There are less correspondence games cluttering up the servers now :smile:

I knew I should have challenged the higher-ups in the ladders :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I lost all my tournament games, even when it wasn’t my turn to move. Doesn’t really bother me overmuch, nor any rank implications. Life goes on, these days I can’t see any real reason to be emotionally attached to rank or the comps, I can always start more :smiley:


Something that keeps happening to me is the random sound of “game started” occurring for no reason. I don’t know how to get rid of it unless I mute. It happens when the chat refreshes or again just randomly. I am pretty sure it is a script error, I don’t really know. Just wondering if it was related to the disconnection bugs and all.


Thanks for the attention, anoek. I’m slightly worried that I won’t be able to get moves in in games that I haven’t lost by disconnection and might now lose by timeout because the moves aren’t going through. Will there be a rollback since so many games were affected?

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Wiped out a tournament for me, quite annoying!

Did the sound issue start right about the time those games had problems, or are they older? The disconnections are linked to a recent manipulation if the second-to-last banner is to believe

Try to pause them or ask your opponent to do so by chat? Chat works