Re: Correspondence games lost by disconnection

I lost like 5 games, and 1 one. Not a big deal. Had a moderator call in, but have cancelled it now that I have seen this post


Wow, the ladder suddenly looks nothing like it did before ^^

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How long do you fix this problem?

I have 3 matchs of live game play now, I want to know for talk about my player

And I tried to play a move in a correspondence game but it didn’t send it, are there issues still? Should we pause all our correspondence games for a while?

Thank you, didn’t think about that. Paused the game. :slightly_smiling_face:


My first thought was a ddos attack…? Jeez. Good to hear you’re working on that!

Just happened to my game, and i lost. I’m “happy” to see you are working on it :slight_smile:

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Lost 6 ladder and tournament games. Two of them I was dominating, three too early to call, and the last one was doomed to be a loss anyway. But now my rank gets dinged because a 15k player beat me in a game I was clearly winning. :frowning:

I can’t send a move in running corr game. Is it l only me?

So far I only won one game by disconnection, but more worrying to me is I can’t submit any moves…

Ah, that explains it. I hope there is a way to fix or prevent any impact since I just won a tournament game against a 9d that obviously I should have lost :slightly_frowning_face

Same here, lost tournament games, rating dropped

That has happened to me as well, maybe slightly different scenario, whereby I have been messaged to say games have been cancelled but I have not even played any moves, or games cancelled by me, and again no moves made, but please, if I have misunderstood the site rules and protocol, then apologies in advance…

Thanks @anoek for letting us know.
A little OGS downtime is a good opportunity to disconnect from our virtual lives and go outs–oh wait.

(Seriously tho, stuff happens, we’ll be here afterwards.)


I just want to say; Good luck, we’re all counting on you.


You must feel terrible. Do your best and good luck for sorting this out.

Just in case, I’m offering my help if you need any kind of support (manually going through the games?)


I looked on ogs and normally I am a 23-25k. But all of a sudden I am a 16k. And I moved up like crazy on the ladders. I was challenging xhu98, because I want to challenge all moderators. And it said I beat him in both 1919 ladder and 99 ladder. It is so weird

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I’m mostly bothered because this bug ended a ladder game that the opponent was stretching out, trying to revive a dead group after most of the yose was over. I was at 99+% for over 70 moves according to AI. Bugs happen, but losing that one game, è.é


Good luck. Thanks for your efforts.


There’s a clock for a sitewide tournament about to start in 4 minutes. I suggest disabling since people might not be aware of the issue. @BHydden

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