Poetry for an abandoned year

In April, I took some time away. Recently I remembered how much fun and camaraderie we used to have here, and I was warmed by a few people who still talked about me and waited for me to return. I wondered whether anyone would like to join me in an old-school Goetry thread. I composed this crude haiku series just to get things going.

I quietly stood,
Quickly left the playing hall
And did not look back

Released and relieved
I savoured cold London rain
Soaking my jacket

Roused the metronome
Of stiff robotic pacing
It took me away

A huddling pub
Opened its old wooden doors
To welcome me in

Sinking stupor-soft
Beneath flowing, foaming tides
From a filling glass

I floated freely
Through a shifting involution
Of light and dark

The ancient masters
Seemed to sit there before me
Silent and serene

And rivers of time
Rushed through me, but my soul still
Span on a wheel

Mindless memories
Of warm wins and cold losses
Wrong rules and regrets

Fast-forgotten goals
Forsaken gods and gurus
Crumbling idols

Dissipated down
Into games of Go growing
Unbidden, unchecked

I slowly staggered
Shoeless, unspeaking through streets
Of pleasant puddles

And I thought I saw
A statue of victory
Raised high above me

The mistress of fate
Hid amongst monochrome mists
And flickering stones

On the traintrack home
Light I slept and lull-lolling
Seeing life and death

Capriciously play
Around the great, golden globe
We call the goban

Then a raging hand
Swept its works from the square world
And I felt no more.


Your punishment for abandoning your post
And your team mates
Is that you missed this.

Repent and stay until the end of time
To prove a loyal
and worthy comrade.

Appease the GOds with worthy offerings
And remember forgiveness
is only granted once.

Acceptance is forever.


Welcome back bugcat
Hope you’ve been well as can be
Back to goofing off


Bugcat missed
Cor-Corr Incident,
And his Go-lang.


Here is a poem
I just felt like writing one
Good to see you all

Edit: well I felt like posting one so I had to write one first.


When I was wandering in the forum
I saw “Party for an abandoned year”
It was actually a poetry thread.

Still I bought some drinks and food
Have some virtual cookies :cookie:
And some fizzy cola

:bug: :cat2:



cat party you say? :3


bug party also I guess


Wooo buggy is back!

Welcome welcome ^_____^


Woo hoo it’s party time :partying_face: but it is a poetry lol.
Another day
Another message to supercell to get a legendary
Waiting for the reply supercell
But they said you need money to buy it as it is on sell
I decided to start another game
But couldn’t find a game
Finally found out about OGS
And want to buy a dog
I went to the forum
Hopefully a good poem

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Sir(s) , poem?:sunglasses:


Rhyming is the only poetry I understand how it works, so here it goes:

When we started twenty twenty
we all had work and chores aplenty
but as the months started to go by
we realised something was awry

This year started to seem fickle
and we were in a pretty pickle
the virus came and closed things down
and noone was moving round the town

No restaurants, no vendors and no walks
only the inside was left for simple folks
gone the plans and salaries and shopping
our quality of life was fastly dropping

And now its June, the world’s a mess
and in many countries there’s unrest
and everyone thinks “wow what a year”
while the future causes fear


I made a tanka triplet.

Pass thee o’er yon hills
Who in their emerald cloaks
Stand staid before thee,
Far east of the Hyphasis
Guarding the great gates of Chine.

In muggy mists
Storks nest on crimson temples
And the warm, spent rain
Drips in steady, lazy drops
From out the lion-dogs’ mouths.

Bald monks play wey chi
With bowls of cold, green-glass gems –
Clasping each gently
'Twixt untrembling fingers
To place with infinite care.


Bugcat is back, yay!
But I am bad at poetry.
So I won’t say much.


Do you remember tournaments
We had in olden days?
At clubs in Bank or Monument
Before the Chinese plague?

Can you hear the plastic stones
Drop dully on the board,
And in your ears the Ing clock’s tone
Somehow sounding bored –

And whether we were seven dan
Or double-digit kyu,
We had a laugh and drank a can
And even got reviews!

We’ll yet go back again – we will!
We’ll shake each other’s hands
We’ll win and lose and have our fill
And laugh across the goban.


Ehm, it’s been a thing to not call it that.


It’s a plague from China. To call it a Chinese plague is completely accurate. Don’t derail the thread, please, I’m so bloody sick of the constant pointless political debates…


I’m with @Gia on this point. It’s not political, it’s offensive.