Art & Go

This topic will deal with the game of go /weiqi / baduk as it manifests itself in art, that can be defined as

the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power.

The covers of Go World are used as a stARTing point, but other go related art forms are certainly not excluded.

What do I know about go related art?
Absolutely nothing, but I guess I will learn :smiley:

Feel free to add go related art, comment, ask questions, share your knowledge, etc.



This is a reproduction of an oban triptych.


Is it allowed (copyright things) to copy the front covers of Goworld?

Don’t know.
Edit: If it is a problem, I will delete the screenshots and refer to the websites where the the specific art can be found.
Usually it is tolerated when it is not for commercial use and when the source is mentioned.


Also this?

AlphaGo chan

(there were 3 more images)


Hentai? :grin:

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Does anyone have this book? I’m thinking of buying it.

It seems outside world still can’t understand new Japanese culture

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I like all the images you’ve posted.
I didn’t mean to criticize.

there are a lot of Go pictures by Kalyptane (Alizée Chabin)


While people panic over black and white kid comic on the other thread, I will post one more anime style picture:

Do not open if you are against being at the beach or swimming pool


That’s an unorthodox board! :scream:

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withdrawn, already referred to info