❤ PUZZLES: A tsumego a day keeps the doctor away

Over the years there have several topics that dealt with tsumego.
Professional go players spend most of their time doing tsumego’s.
The OGS Puzzle page contains more than 1400 collections of go puzzles, which vary from 899 puzzles to only one puzzle.
In this topic I like to share some of those puzzles.
And if you find great puzzles feel free to share them over here.

EDIT November 29
Almost four weeks ago I started this topic. I had been adding go puzzles by Hashimoto, Noubuaki and others for weeks, and thought why not share this with others.

In 27 days this topic got 612 views (22.7 views per day), 95 likes (3,5 like per day).
Not bad, I like it :grin:

What are my plans?
My plans:

  • going on with this topic until this is the best visited and most liked topic on OGS Forums :crazy_face:
  • making tsumego more popular (since started doing this I climbed two/three kyus!)
  • selecting puzzles from other collections than my own ones (there are approximately 1400 collections containing more than 22.000 other puzzles on OGS)
  • selecting collections you might like and bumping them so that they get the attention they do deserve
  • do some window dressing of the puzzles (little bio of the players, how to study tsumego, etc.)

These are my plans, but maybe even more important and interesting is: what are your wishes? Suggestions, ideas, etc.?


White to start and kill black.

Interactive Puzzle & Solution



Black to play

Difficulty: easy introduction of a class of difficult problems.
Goal: like for a fundamental tesuji, 5k and up should get a bit of easyness on this class of problems.



My guess for Groin's problem


Life and death problems are not about guess but (full) reading.

For my arrogance punishment, I’ll put the answer very soon

Edit: answer edited.



I swear I don’t have ears like these (the nose just a bit)


About how I read if it can help: first thing I notice is that there is not enough space if I don’t go to the maximum.
White 1-4 is pretty annoying, will make B fill the 2-3 all these inside choices lead to some stupid one eyed potatoes so only move remaining but still strange looking is to maximize the space. So I don’t really understand it yet but it’s the way to go (and read carefully)
Let’s continue: w still looks like a killer with the placement at 3-1.here b has only 1 choice to separate his 2eyes if any (2-1) then you need some trust to continue (or some exp) because w seems on a easy way to put away the second eye… until the subtle play under the stones appear. For culture, you ll remind the 4stones shape (there are others used in this class of problems) and you ll focuse to play all in the right order, it’s easy to mess , only a careful reading is what matters to finalize.

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It is vital that Black connects the two groups.
Find that lovely tesuji.

Interactive Puzzle & Solution



This looks safe for Black, but White can kill Black easily. White begins and wins.

Interactive Puzzle & Solution



Black to start. Kill white.

Interactive Puzzle & Solution



It’s just five moves but I couldn’t read it.

Obviously it isn’t a reading issue: now that I know the solution I can easily read the sequence.
I just couldn’t imagine those moves!
I had to click each possible move to find the right one. It was just unbelievable!

Maybe I should do more puzzles. :grin:

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Some moves are indeed totally incomprehensible.
@Groin calls the moves mang shou, or blind moves.
If I find some more info on those kind of moves I will share it.

Here is another (hopefully less complex) puzzle.

White to move and kill black.

Interactive Puzzle and Solution


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Here we have a blind player (me)! :joy:
In the above puzzle first and second move by black are very clear… after knowing them!
I can understand them now, but wasn’t able to figure out by myself.
And there are just 8 possible moves for black! Some of them are clearly useless, so it shouldn’t be that hard to cycle through all possibilities and choose the right one… so I’d say that MY blindness is because I don’t really think about each possible move but only about those that I use often. It’s a kind of laziness.
I try to solve these puzzles by intuition instead of reading.

At least I hope to learn to see some more moves. :slightly_smiling_face:


White to start. Is Black’s group safe?

Interactive Puzzle & Solution


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OMG! This is crazy! :laughing:


White to play and kill Black.


Interactive Puzzle & Solution



This time an easy puzzle.
Black to start and kill white.

Interactive Puzzle & Solution


White to move and connect.

Interactive puzzle & solution


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Black to play and kill White.

Interactive puzzle & Solution


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