Puzzle error and fix plan

Observe and prove the error at puzzle in ❤ PUZZLES: A tsumego a day keeps the doctor away
My puzzle:
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The link here does not link to the puzzle but luckily you put a link in your puzzle itself.
Welldone anyway.

I checked the Dutch Go Magazine and your (correct) solution was absent.
I referred in the puzzle to your topic. Thanks for spotting the error.

Wondering whether there are more incorrect solutions in those collections. There might be more errors. After all creating puzzles is work of humans (at least in those days it was) and we are known to make mistakes. This one went unnoticed for many years.
Thanks again.

Ok.I think I can do fix Dutch Go puzzle plan,but need long time.I can edit the post and update plan.

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This is my fix Dutch Go puzzle plan.

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You may add the refutation of R1 at T1?
Good job anyway.

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R1 can not refutation T1,i add Q1 refutation T1.

No sorry, you misunderstood me. I was telling if black try R1 then white kills with T1

No,W can tenuki B R1.

You’re right. Even worse for B.

@Atorrante 1978~2013 Dutch go errors in these puzzles.