Already-used-links-in-topic warning

When I post a puzzle link in my puzzle thread I used to get a warning when this link was already used in an earlier post.

This feature (that for me is very, very convenient) doesn’t function anymore.
Is it broken or was it removed?
And if broken, can it be repaired?

Thanks in advance!

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you can use search


Good idea, thanks.
But the automatic warning is easier, and costs me less time.
Pity it isn’t there anymore.


From a search, it looks like this is a “max similar results” site setting for discourse forums:

@anoek @GreenAsJade, did we turn this off?


I was able to look and find that we had this set to 5.

I don’t know who when or why :slight_smile:

@anoek Since it seems like maybe a good idea to set it to 0, I have done that. If we really intend it to be 5 I’m sure you’ll set it back again :slight_smile:


I don’t think that’s what @Atorrante was talking about, he’s referring to the repeated link warning that supposedly doesn’t have a disable option. I’ll test it by reposting his link:

Indeed, I did not get a warning.

How about if I post it again:

Still no warning.

Any difference on mobile vs desktop?

When I want to post a link of yesterday’s puzzle, this the screen that pops up.

This is the Already-used-links-in-posts warning I am referring to.

But when I plan to repost the very first puzzle I ever posted in this topic, no such warning pops up.

Is there maybe set up some sort of a time limit that allows old links to be reposted without a warning?


That seems likely. I can’t find any controls for this warning.


Awesome thanks :slight_smile: I assume that’s an anti-spam thing or something, but we have legitimate reasons to ignore that so sounds good.

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