What Are Your Favourite Childhood Video Games?


What old games are still playing?
I Really Miss Those games that I play in my childhood

  1. Project I.G.I.: I’m Going In
  2. Need For Speed II
  3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
  4. Mario Game
  5. Sonic Game
  6. Metal Slug
  7. The King of Fighters 97
  8. Street Fighter
  9. Pang Game

What’s are your Favorite Games all time…

If you don’t play these games Go and Play it.


Space invaders. :grinning:


Favourite video games of my childhood

  1. Ravenloft’s The Stone Prophet - DOS
  2. Command & Conquer - Windows
  3. Counter Strike 1.6 - Windows
  4. Runescape - Windows (browser)
  5. Lemmings - Mac
  6. GTA San Andreas - both Windows and PS2
  7. DBZ Budokai - PS2


  1. Pokemon Gold - GBC

Edit again, can’t believe I forgot…

  1. Civilisation II - Windows


NIce game Space invaders.s-l300


LOL, that wasn’t childhood anymore, I was 31 when I purchased my first own computer in December 1988 :smiley:

Atari ST

  • Mercenary - Escape from Targ (very first game I played on computer)
  • Hex
  • TETRIS (of course!)
  • Joust


  • Crystal Quest
  • Lunatic Fringe (a game for the “After Dark” screensaver)
  • Spectre (awesome multiplayer wireframe :smiley: tank game)
  • Maelstrom (seems this wasn’t for NeXTstep as I first falsely remembered)
  • Barrack


  • I did play a little Doom but I actually don’t like FPS games. (they give me Tachycardia, etc.)

And then there was Quix or some clone of it, I LOVED that.

And yeah, Lemmings also was cool :smiley:

Of course I also remember video games like Pong, these standalone machines which you had to feed with coins.


Oh wow, you played Hex on the ST? Did you ever beat it?
I still think it’s a great concept with more potential :slight_smile:


I remember playing Manic Miner on the ZX Spectrum. You can still play it on an emulator.


Marble Madness (Atari)


Oh boy, oh boy,
let me educate you guys about the REAL classics.

Prince of Persia
Absolute must play (must finish) for PC gamers, groundbraking rotoscopic animation, like nothing you have seen.

The lost Vikings
Unique gameplay where you have to make use of the unique skills of three tough vikings.

The Prehistorik II
Almost endless adventure (which I admitadelly never fully finished) with new enemies at every level, fun bosses, and many hidden secrets

  • the original Sim City
  • Theme hospital
  • Dyna blaster
  • One Must Fall
    … memory fading

And best of all, all these games are free :smiley:


1.Diablo 2
2.Pokemon Emerald
3.Heroes of Might and Magic 3
4.Kingdom Hearts 2
5.Yu-gi-oh Tag Force 1
6.Civilization 4
7.Growlanser 4
8.Persona 3
10.Pokemon Mystery Dungeon


Civilisation 2 and Darklands. I bet nobody knows the latter. :slight_smile:


Oh, the question was about childhood? In that case I correct myself: Pong

Simply because it was the only (computer) game I played during childhood!

  • Dungeon keeper
  • Civilization II (played II to V)
  • X — beyond the frontier (X2 … X3 TC as well)
  • Stronghold
  • Need for Speed Underground2 and Most Wanted
  • Pokemon (Red, yellow, gold diamond, ruby, emerald). I played too much of that :slight_smile:


There can only be one:

Dungeon Master


I only had a NES as a kid, but some games i really did love playing
Super mario 1 and 3
Megaman 2

When i got myself a PC, i don’t think i had that many games, but some that i spent way too much time on:
Ancient domains of mystery (still my favorite PC game of all time)
Heroes of might and magic 2
Command & conquer: red alert
“Merien valtias” by target (i can only remember the finnish name for that one)


Childhood video games?? :thinking:

I’m like @trohde (only older!) and during my childhood not only were there no video games, there was only video for the select few who had the money – and it was called television. :stuck_out_tongue:


@Musash1 beat me to my line: Not only were there no video games when I was young, but there were no personal computers. I grew up on checkers, chess, Chinese checkers, mancala, dozens of card games, and all the usual board games, but spent most of my time outdoors. Favorite board game for pure fun was and is Chinese checkers. Only computer game I have ever played (as an adult) was Civilization 1 and 2, which is too addictive and takes a ridiculous amount of time, so I don’t play it anymore.


I meant this one:




I have to chime in on the two mentions of Heroes of Might and Magic.
I spent so much time on HoMM3, which was really the golden age of the series. :slight_smile:
Later I finished the HoMM1 campaign and sporadically progressing in HoMM2 still.


So when I was a kid in the 80’s, my dad was a computer programmer. We were pretty spoiled and always had a ton of computers and games that nobody else did. My favorites were mostly old DOS games like The Flintstones, The Chase on Tom Sawyer’s Island, Reader Rabbit, and Donald Duck’s Playground.

I also had an NES and loved Super Mario, Duck Hunt, Paperboy, Tetris, Gyromite, and Kid Icarus.

In the 90’s I played Gizmos & Gadgets, Myst, Pokémon red and blue, Fallout 1 & 2, Wolfenstein 3d, SimCity2000, lots of SNES games and Sonic at my cousin’s house cause she had a Sega.

The Golden age of LAN parties brought Starcraft (OMG :heart_eyes:) and I also gorged on other RTS games like Homeworld and Cataclysm.

I played a lot of Halo in high school, and it was like the dawn of a new age when Halo 2 came out and my local group could play as a team against strange new people over the Internet.

Good times.