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Why there's so little coverage of go events?

73rd Honinbo match, game 1

Match between Iyama Yuta (Honinbo Monyu) and Yamashita Keigo started.
There will be 7 games total.
8 hours main time (+some byo-yomi?), each game takes two days.
Tournament bracket with some info: here

In first game Iyama Yuta lost by half a point!


Here’s a recording of Japanese broadcast: here

Next game: 23,24 May.


5th Aizu Cup
(by Aizu Central Hospital, competition was established in 2014)

Xie Yimin (Female Honinbo) won elimination tournament and earned right to challenge current title holder Fujisawa Rina.


In first three editions of this cup it was a simple elimination tournament with one final game deciding the winner. In fourth edition it was still elimination tournament with title holder competing on equal terms with the rest of the players, but number of games in the final was increased to 3 (and Fujisawa Rina won Xie Yimin 2-1). In 5th edition elimination tournament determines challenger and 3 games for the title are played separately.

Current holder: Fujisawa Rina (also won first edition of this cup in 2014)
Challenger: Xie Yimin (won third edition in 2016, and was a runner-up in 2nd (2015) and in 4th (2017))

Funny fact: Chinese wikipedia updated results faster than Nihon Ki-in their official website.

Game records are nowhere to be found.

Cup on go to everyone


Shin Jinseo (World #6 and Korean #3 per goratings.org) became 9p in the last month. I assume (but do not know) this was because of his performance in the 2018 Korean GS Caltex Cup. In the final round, which was played on May 18, 2018, at the 5th floor of the Baduk TV Studio, Shin Jinseo beat Lee Sedol 9p 3-2 to win the tournament and 278 million won ($258,000 USD / $219,000 EUR).

Anyway, Cyberoro did an interview with him which I’ll reproduce below because it is interesting. Please excuse the broken Google translate and my best guesses at fixing it:

Q. Do you have a favorite saying?
“It is an unfortunate victory.”

Q. Why do you like this saying?
I could not remember any other sayings.

Q. You won. Congratulations.
I am glad to have won the championship, my first in a long time. I missed the chance to win in the TV Asian Championship (in 2016 to Li Qincheng). However, my opponents became stronger later in the league. My strategy was to avoid making mistakes rather than to focus on winning. But as I entered the final stages, I became nervous about winning.

Q. Aren’t you usually confident in your abilities?
When I was a child, I would meet a stronger opponent than myself and I would get a little shaken until I got better, but now there is no such thing. Going into the tournament, I did not feel nervous and I slept well. But I was honestly nervous toward the end. In the heat of the final game I was really desperate.

Q. Any recent changes in your style?
Basically, I used to like the other player rather than attack, but nowadays I attack flexibly for profit.

Q. Study habits?
In addition to training with the national team on weekdays, I have a lot of time to study artificial intelligence. I study artificial intelligence for more than five hours a day, repeating the moves and sequences. I mainly use the Chinese artificial intelligence (Fine Art? Phoenix Go?), and recently I also use Facebook’s Open Elf. Elf Go is not installed on my home computer but is used in the national team lab.

Q. The use of artificial intelligence as a study tool seems to have increased.
As long as it is the age of artificial intelligence, a professional player should naturally study artificial intelligence. This is because artificial intelligence shows you good moves. Even if you do not fully understand them, it can be helpful to get inspiration from the idea. At least there will be no harm.

Artificial intelligence denies almost all of the existing theory of Go. We should now forget the Go theory. We used to think Go theory was more or less settled, but it turns out that there is virtually nothing settled. Go theory was only in accordance with our playing habits.

Q. You have been in second place in Korea for a long time and you are now tied with Kim Jiseok 9p. (Korean national ranking differs from goratings.org) Aren’t you anxious?
Kim Ji-seok 9p is a great player, and he is approaching me. I am not anxious because I’m not weak anymore and I’m not falling down.

Q. You sound less cheerful than when you were younger.
I do not think there is a difference. I do not feel depressed. (Lit. “I do not have a shovel.”)

Q. I’m sure competition in the world championship will motivate you.
Park Junghwan 9p or any other number of 9p’s do not faze me much. I am younger than most of them. There are so many articles favoring me to win that I do not want to overthink it when they think I should win it. I aim to win the world championship calmly.

Source: http://www.cyberoro.com/news/news_view.oro?div_no=11&num=524355


I’ve been rooting for Shin Jinseo ever since I noticed him (after his win in the “Let’s run Park Cup” in 2015). Extremely crisp play (watch his recent manban victory against Kim Ji-Seok!). I’ll admit his rise to fame was easy to predict since he was already at the top of Koreans’ win/loss chart back when he was still 1p. :slight_smile: Similar to that one guy who blogged about his Korea visit (a long time ago) and a young yeongguseng kid who was “definitely going to make it big”. The kid’s name was Park Jung-Hwan. :wink:


There is an unconfirmed rumor that Myungwan Kim 9p will be succeeded by Dalhoon Ahn 9p as the United States representative of the Korean Baduk Association.


73rd Honinbo match, game 2: Iyama Yuta wins as Black!


Game record: https://online-go.com/demo/view/318402

Edit: Iyama Yuta’s birthday is 24 May!


Commentated (not sure by whom) game of Mateusz Surma, 1p against Golaxy with no komi: game. Game is apparently a preparation for Chinese 3rd tier league (twitter). Any info on this?



Isn’t Xie Ke beating Golaxy on .5 komi a bigger deal than Surma losing? :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t figure out how to hotlink but it’s posted here.


@smurph a little bit of old news, it was a week ago, eternity in bot’s time :stuck_out_tongue:.

Xie Ke was only one out of 41 people playing. He was completely losing the whole time until bot blundered for no reason. Considering this version of Golaxy had to be adjusted for no komi, entirely possible that it’s the human interference that broke sophisticated inner workings. After all losing move was the one that aims at bigger win margin.

There’s a video about that game by Dinerstein, 3p, but it’s in Russian: video


Golaxy training camp is continuing! Now Ilya Shikshin is trying his best against Golaxy: game



LG Cup is underway in Korea. In first round (1/16) there were couple of surprises: Iyama Yuta lost, Ke Jie lost, Lee Sedol lost. But at least Ichiriki Ryo and Shibano Toramaru advanced to the next round. And Chen Qirui from Taiwai won too.
In total to the next round advanced 7 Korean players, 6 Chinese, 2 Japanese and 1 from Taiwan.
Next round is going to be played at 30, May.
Cup’s website: page

Goratings № Player Result Player Goratings № Game Record
1 Park Junghwan korea white 1-0 black china Gu Zihao 12 link
6 Shin Jinseo korea white 1-0 black china Fan Yin 31 link
5 Kim Jiseok korea black 0-1 white china Fan Tingyu 8 link
11 Lee Sedol korea black 0-1 white china Jiang Weijie 29 link
20 Byun Sangil korea black 0-1 white china Peng Liyao 34 link
19 Park Yeonghun korea white 1-0 black china Xie Erhao 28 link
32 Choi Cheolhan korea white 0-1 black china Shi Yue 9 link
42 Shin Minjun korea black 1-0 white china Tan Xiao 18 link
38 Kang Dongyun korea black 1-0 white china Meng Tailing 48 link
51 Weon Seongjin korea white 1-0 black china Ke Jie 2 link
61 Lee Wonyoung korea black 1-0 white china Yu Bin 182 link
7 Iyama Yuta japan black 0-1 white china Zhao Chenyu 43 link
186 Ida Atsushi japan white 0-1 black china Yang Dingxin 13 link
67 Ichiriki Ryo japan black 1-0 white china Zhong Wenjing 117 link
75 Shibano Toramaru japan black 1-0 white china Tang Weixing 21 link
240 Chen Qirui taiwan white 1-0 black china Fan Yunruo 24 link


South Korea must be really excited for scoring 7 wins and 4 losses against China. Park Junghwan is pretty much dominating his games, and Korea’s wild card Shin Minjun is still in too. Meanwhile China unexpectedly lost a bunch of star players, such as Fan Yunruo (to Chen Qirui of Taiwan), Ke Jie (to Won Seongjin of South Korea), and Tang Weixing (to Shibano Toramaru of Japan). Ouch.

Pairing for round of 16 (May 30, 2018, Korean time):

Park Junghwan vs. Shibano Toramaru
Shin Jinseo vs. Peng Liao
Jiang Weijie vs. Chen Qirui
Park Younghun vs. Fan Tingyu
Shin Minjun vs. Zhao Chenyu
Kang Dongyun vs. Ichiriki Ryo
Won Seongjin vs. Yang Dingxin
Lee Wonyoung vs. Shi Yue

Pics from the event:
http://cyberoro.com/news/news_view.oro?div_no=A1&num=524387 (during)
http://cyberoro.com/news/news_view.oro?div_no=A1&num=524390 (after)


Rooting for Shibano!


2nd round of LG Cup ended.

Very unfortunate pairing for Shibano. He never stood a chance against Park Junghwan, the position quickly turned in Park’s favor and it was the first game to reach the end. So the only hope for Japan was Ichiriki Ryo. And he was playing really well, Leela liked his position and I believed he could pull it off, but alas, in the end Japan is eliminated from the tournament. To give you an idea how close Ryo’s game was, check out Leela’s eval graph for this game: link. Only Koreans (3 players) and Chinese (5 players) are left.
Cup’s website: page

Goratings № Player Result Player Goratings № Game Record
6 Shin Jinseo korea black 0-1 white china Peng Liyao 31 link
1 Park Junghwan korea black 1-0 white japan Shibano Toramaru 70 link
15 Park Yeonghun korea black 0-1 white china Fan Tingyu 7 link
36 Kang Dongyun korea black 1-0 white japan Ichiriki Ryo 63 link
45 Weon Seongjin korea black 0-1 white china Yang Dingxin 11 link
28 Jiang Weijie china black 1-0 white taiwan Chen Qirui 222 link
40 Shin Minjun korea black 1-0 white china Zhao Chenyu 39 link
60 Lee Wonyoung korea black 0-1 white china Shi Yue 9 link


It seems the tides have turned: 5 wins and 1 loss for China.

Pairing for the round of 8:
Park Junghwan vs. Fan Tingyu (6:6 in previous matchups)
Peng Liao vs. Shin Minjun (0:1 in previous matchups)
Jhang Weijie vs. Shi Yue (6:9 in previous matchups)
Kang Dongyun vs. Yang Dingxin (4:2 in previous matchups)

November 12, 2018—Round of 8
November 14, 2018—Semi final
February 11, 13, and 14, 2019—Final

Pictures from the round of 16:
http://cyberoro.com/news/news_view.oro?div_no=A1&num=524397 (during)
http://cyberoro.com/news/news_view.oro?div_no=A1&num=524399 (after)


Yikeweiqi released two articles in English, articles are a bit messy but that’s a start, I guess. Articles show Golaxy’s suggestions for last weekend’s games against European pros.

Mateusz(B) vs Golaxy(W) article: link
Game itself: link

Ilya(B) vs Golaxy(W) article: link
Game itself: link


Drag’n’dropping the .sgf file into the chat box works just fine :wink:

096b5efe1c53c20f92610f2011e43c1f05793759.sgf (1.4 KB)


Pavol Lisy vs Golaxy at Golaxy Training Camp: link (with Engish commentary)



The link seems to be overloaded. Is the event happening in China?