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Not sure what you mean by “overloaded”. Yikeweiqi site sometimes takes long to load but usually works fine. As far as I understand 4 strongest pros from Europe are now going to participate in China’s third go league. And these matches are their preparation for the main event.


Sunday was quite a go day.

73rd Honinbo match, game 3 (第73期本因坊戦 第3局)


Iyama Yuta won with white stones, this puts him in the lead 2-1. However there’re still 4 games left. Next game is going to be played on June, 12.

Game record: link
Leela’s graph: link

Golaxy Training Camp

Last game of Golaxy Training Camp was finished: Artem Kachanovskyi vs Golaxy, link (with English commentary).


Haylee vs Leela, game 6

Very exciting handicap game that turned into giant fight: game link

9th Longxing

Semifinal between Liu Xing and Ke Jie: link (with English commentary)


First game of the final between Lian Xiao and Ke Jie is going to be played tomorrow, 13:00 in Chinese time. Link for the English commentary: link


Facebook AI “OpenGo” to play simuls at 2018 U.S. Go Congress



I’m very interested to see what kind of annotations OpenGo will give


The #MeToo movement has struck Go. A disciplinary committee of the Korean Baduk Association (KBA) resolved on June 8, 2018 to strip popular BadukTV commentator Kim Sungryong of his 9 dan rank and to expel him from the KBA. This comes following allegations of sexual assault by a foreign female Korean pro where Kim allegedly forced himself on her in 2009. Alcohol was involved.

Note: the female pro is named in the sources but is anonymous here for reasons.

Korean Source: http://cyberoro.com/news/news_view.oro?div_no=A1&num=524435

Context in English: http://koreajoongangdaily.joins.com/news/article/article.aspx?aid=3047742


Grandmaster Lee Sedol to launch blockchain version of Go board game

GoBlock (blockchain Go)

I’m curious what “unfairness” this is aimed at addressing…


The headline should have been: Bullshit company pays Lee SeDol a lot of money so it can use his name to sell bullshit. Why didn’t they call themselves Buzzword Inc.?

This is gonna crash and burn very quickly.


There is a surprisingly thin line between Go World News and Go World Bullshit.


Facebook releases “slightly improved” ELF OpenGo now “v1” (still 224x20 blocks).

Download here: https://github.com/pytorch/ELF/releases

Leela Zero converted weight: https://userscloud.com/4dgfy46eum5p

Announcement: https://zhuanlan.zhihu.com/p/40834419