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Results are:
檀啸 (Tan Xiao) 0-1 连笑 (Lian Xiao)
范廷钰 (Fan Tingyu) 1-0 芈昱廷 (Mi Yuting)
辜梓豪 (Gu Zihao) 0-1 谢尔豪 (Xie Erhao)
陈耀烨 (Chen Yaoye) 1-0 柯洁 (Ke Jie)

Now Ke Jie and Gu Zihao lost two times and are eliminated from the tournament.

Winner group will play 12 March:
范廷钰 (Fan Tingyu) vs 连笑 (Lian Xiao)

Loser group will play 11 March:
檀啸 (Tan Xiao) vs 芈昱廷 (Mi Yuting)
陈耀烨 (Chen Yaoye) vs 谢尔豪 (Xie Erhao)

Ke Jie and Chen Yaoye(?) signing fans:

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Today’s results:
檀啸 (Tan Xiao) 1-0 芈昱廷 (Mi Yuting)
陈耀烨 (Chen Yaoye) 0-1 谢尔豪 (Xie Erhao)

Check out bottom seki in Xie Erhao’s game:

Mi Yuting and Chen Yaoye are eliminated.

Tomorrow’s matches:
连笑 (Lian Xiao) vs 范廷钰 (Fan Tingyu) https://home.yikeweiqi.com/#/live/room/16292/1/12763714
檀啸 (Tan Xiao) vs 谢尔豪 (Xie Erhao) https://home.yikeweiqi.com/#/live/room/16293/1/12766002

I think they start at 12:30 Chinese time.

Also today Shin Jinseo won against Shin Minjun, I think it was Maxim Cup.


Crazy that Ke Jie and Mi Yuting are both gone! Goes to show how much depth there is in the Chinese Weiqi community, right now.

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I guess there was a pair go tournament recently, check it out, aren’t they pretty (click it, it’s a nice picture):

I also found it interesting how different people sign their board: https://sec.pandanet.co.jp/pairgo/propair2019_signgoban/subscription.htm

Some more pics can be found on these pages:


Today’s winners are Fan Tingyu (no surprise here, this guy is unstoppable) and Xie Erhao.

连笑 (Lian Xiao) 0-1 范廷钰 (Fan Tingyu)
檀啸 (Tan Xiao) 0-1 谢尔豪 (Xie Erhao) - half a point game!

So now Fan Tingyu is in finals. Tomorrow second finalist will be determined:

连笑 (Lian Xiao) vs 谢尔豪 (Xie Erhao) https://home.yikeweiqi.com/#/live/room/16313/1/12799023

14th March will be a break and final will be played at 15th.

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A bunch of exciting games were played recently.

First there was 제2기 한국 용성전 tournament, I think it’s Korean Ryusei. But Korean is not my best language :stuck_out_tongue:
It’s still in early stages but Lee Sedol won against Park Sangjin. Park is not very high rated but nice to see Lee Sedol win something among talks about retirement.
Also 1/8 of GS Caltex Cup is going on. And what do you know, Lee Sedol won here too, against Mok Jinseok.

连笑 (Lian Xiao) 0-1 谢尔豪 (Xie Erhao)
So today, March 15th 12:30 Chinese time, 范廷钰 (Fan Tingyu) will play 谢尔豪 (Xie Erhao) in final of 第一届王中王围棋争霸赛. https://home.yikeweiqi.com/#/live/room/16377/1/12872019

Also yesterday in Female Meijin title match Fujisawa Rina won with black and equalized the score Fujisawa Rina 1-1 Xie Yimin. Deciding final game will be played March 22nd.

Also in Japan there’s this old lady Sugiuchi Kazuko 8p. She’s 92 years old but still plays go and even managed to pass preliminaries to Female Honinbo main tournament, beating Komatsu Hideko 4p and Kato Keiko 6p.
So I wish everyone to play go at 92!


I seem to recall something about an eighty-six year old Japanese man who finished third or fourth(?) at the world amateur championships a few years ago. Apparently eighty-six is the new twenty-six. Sometimes at least.

Janice Kim literally faced life and death yesterday: she went through surgery to remove a brain tumor and is now recovering at the University of New Mexico Hospital:

In case anyone wants to send her a card or otherwise express support, instructions can be found here.

Here’s wishing her a swift, smooth recovery and many happy years to come. :sunny:


On a lighter note: Kobayashi Koichi recently (2019.03.14) won a nice little game in the 45th Japanese Meijin preliminary round against Kenmochi Joe (8p) that I found extremely fun to play through. The game is short and, what is not for me an everyday experience, easy to follow and instructive! :smile: You can find the game here.



About that. Xie Erhao won. You can watch Chinese commentary on Go World TV https://youtu.be/AW_ClepF48w
They gave Xie a trophy:

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In Korea GS Caltex Cup is going on. Today Kim Jiseok won against Paek Hongseok. The game was relayed here: https://home.yikeweiqi.com/#/live/room/16546/1/13140917



Yesterday’s game with Kim Jiseok can be watched on tvbaduk https://youtu.be/-2uHzf76Z4A

Today three exciting games were played.

Last game in 1/8 round of GS Caltex Cup between Yun Junsang and Cho Hanseung: https://home.yikeweiqi.com/#/live/room/16563/1/13183314
Result: Cho Hanseung wins with white by 3.5
Korean article with pics: http://www.cyberoro.com/news/news_view.oro?num=525266
Next game of the tournament is going to be played 28th March (and the next one 29th March).

Also 3rd, last, deciding game of Japanese Female Meijin title between Xie Yimin and Fujisawa Rina was played.
Kifu: https://home.yikeweiqi.com/#/live/room/16555/1/13157948
Video broadcast: https://youtu.be/0wlARC69UdA
Result: Fujisawa Rina wins with white by resignation and defends the title. Fujisawa Rina holds this title third time in a row already. Of course, she has a long path ahead to catch Xie Yimin because she held the title nine times in a row up until 2017. When it comes to total number of titles Xie Yimin has 27, Kikuyo Aoki has 11, and Fujisawa Rina (and a few others) has 10.

And what do you know, first Chinese equivalent of Female Meijin (Mingren) match was also played today. But it was only the first game out of three. As I understand second and third games are going to be played tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, unlike Japanese style matches with large gaps between games. Two contestants were Wang Shuang and Chen Yiming.
Kifu: https://home.yikeweiqi.com/#/live/room/16560/1/13180225
Result: Chen Yiming wins with white by 1.75 stones aka 3.5 points.
Chinese article with some pics: http://sports.sina.com.cn/go/2019-03-22/doc-ihtxyzsk9662667.shtml

White is feeling lucky today, 3/3.

Upcoming matches:
Ke Jie is going to play with Tang Weixing in 18th 西南棋王戦. Not too sure what’s that exactly. https://home.yikeweiqi.com/#/live/room/16572/1/13202618
Article about that: http://sports.sina.com.cn/go/2019-03-22/doc-ihtxyzsk9676945.shtml
Probably yike weiqi will also put up relay for Female Mingren.


A bunch of games were played today in China.

First we have 18th South-West Qiwang (西南棋王戦)

Total 16 players participate (goratings place in brackets):

  1. Yunnan Province: Ke Jie (3), Fu Chong (102), Liu Qifeng (688)
  2. Chengdu: Dang Yifei (38), Liao Yuanhe (23), Gu Lingyi (59), Ma Yichao (192)
  3. Chongqing Municipality: Yang Dingxin (11), Li Xuanhao (32), He Yuhan (244)
  4. Tibet: Zhou Ruiyang (26)
  5. Guizhou: Tang Weixing (33), Shi Yue (13)
  6. Special invitation: Chang Hao (159), Gu Li (78), Mi Yuting (4)

Knockout tournament, two rounds today, the rest is tomorrow.

Round 1:
Mi Yuting (芈昱廷) 1-0 Gu Lingyi (古灵益) kifu
Dang Yifei (党毅飞) 1-0 Zhou Ruiyang (周睿羊) kifu
Shi Yue (时越) 1-0 Fu Chong (付冲) kifu
He Yuhan (何语涵) 1-0 Gu Li (古力) kifu
Ke Jie (柯洁) 1-0 Tang Weixing (唐韦星) kifu
Liao Yuanhe (廖元赫) 1-0 Liu Qifeng (柳琪峰) kifu
Yang Dingxin (杨鼎新) 1-0 Ma Yichao (马逸超) kifu
Li Xuanhao (李轩豪) 1-0 Chang Hao (常昊) kifu

Round 2:
Mi Yuting (芈昱廷) 0-1 Dang Yifei (党毅飞) kifu
Shi Yue (时越) 0-1 He Yuhan (何语涵) kifu
Ke Jie (柯洁) 1-0 Liao Yuanhe (廖元赫) kifu
Yang Dingxin (杨鼎新) 1-0 Li Xuanhao (李轩豪) kifu

Personally, I’m disappointed in Mi Yuting losing but probably the biggest surprise is He Yuhan coming out of nowhere and beating Gu Li and Shi Yue.

Pairings for semi-finals:
Dang Yifei vs He Yuhan
Ke Jie vs Yang Dingxin yikeweiqi relay

Another one is Nie Weiping Cup.

Point of the tournament is to have old masters that have greatly influenced development of go long time ago battle it out (presumably on top of a mountain) like in the old days.


  1. China: Nie Weiping, Wang Runan, Ma Xiaochun, Song Xuelin
  2. Japan: Takemiya Masaki, Kobayashi Koichi
  3. Korea: Seo Bongsoo, Yoo Changhyuk

First round:
Nie Weiping (聂卫平) 1-0 Takemiya Masaki (武宫正树) kifu
Wang Runan (王汝南) 0-1 Kobayashi Koichi (小林光一) kifu
Ma Xiaochun (马晓春) 1-0 Seo Bongsoo (徐奉洙) kifu
Song Xuelin (宋雪林) 0-1 Yoo Changhyuk (刘昌赫) kifu

Second round:
Nie Weiping (聂卫平) 1-0 Yoo Changhyuk (刘昌赫) kifu
Ma Xiaochun (马晓春) 0-1 Kobayashi Koichi (小林光一) kifu

Finals tomorrow:
Nie Weiping vs Kobayashi Koichi

Video snippet of Takemiya playing:


South-West Qiwang ended as follows.
Dang Yifei (党毅飞) 1-0 He Yuhan (何语涵) kifu
Ke Jie (柯洁) 1-0 Yang Dingxin (杨鼎新) kifu

Ke Jie (柯洁) 1-0 Dang Yifei (党毅飞) kifu

Despite Ke Jie being a top professional this is the first time he made it to finals in this tournament. He participated every year since his first appearance in 2011 but the best he could managed is semi-finals. This time he is finally on top.

Nie Weiping Cup:
Nie Weiping (聂卫平) 0-1 Kobayashi Koichi (小林光一) kifu
3rd place:
Yoo Changhyuk (刘昌赫) 1-0 Ma Xiaochun (马晓春) kifu

Nie Weiping and Kobayashi Koichi in 1985 at 1st Japan-China Supergo:

Compare today’s game to 1985 one: http://ps.waltheri.net/database/game/6913/

Female Mingren:
Chen Yiming (陈一鸣) 1-0 Wang Shuang (王爽) kifu

And, of course, 66th NHK TV tournament is finished today. You can watch for yourself, with Cho Chikun commentating:

Result for people who don't have time to watch

Ichiriki Ryo won. Looks like Iyama Yuta is getting too old for this.


Everyone was so excited for world championship, no one noticed pair go event that was played.

AI pair go!

You can download games in weird .ugi format here:



I can’t make that joke, can I? :rofl:


What if someone doesn’t speak japanese? :slight_smile:
Is there any hope to have it with english subtitles?
Or any other game commented by Cho Chikun?


He’s probably my favourite commentator, often getting surprised by moves the players make and with jokes and stories in between.


Semifinals of Maxim Cup:
Lee Donghoon 1-0 Kim Jiseok kifu
Paek Hongseok 0-1 Shin Jinseo kifu

Taiwanese 11th Haifong Cup, 1st game of finals, I think:
Wang Yuanjun 1-0 Xu Haohong kifu

(block A, game 10) Lian Xiao 1-0 Jiang Weijie kifu
(block B, game 7) Fan Tingyu 1-0 Xu Jiayang kifu

LG cup is also apparently starting and has a giant tournament bracket: http://www.baduk.or.kr/square/board/3039

And Japanese are still working up over the little girl:


In this article Chinese put up an old photo of Go Seigen.
Doesn’t he look a little creepy?

Tomorrow CCTV Cup is going to be played.
You can look at English tournament bracket here: https://gotoeveryone.k2ss.info/cn/cctv/4
Yike weiqi is already prepared for broadcasting Ke Jie’s game: https://home.yikeweiqi.com/#/live/room/16690/1/13393595
Starts at 1 am UTC, I think.