A short travel through OGS history

So, since I wondered what OGS and Nova looked like before the merge, I went to the Internet Archive and took a few screenshots of how the login screen looked in the history of the server. :blush:

Note that I haven’t actually been playing Go around that time, so all pictures are taken from the Internet Archive.

I hope you enjoy the small journey as much as I did:

November 2005: The first mention of online-go.com in the Internet Archive

February 2006: There is a new link the menu! :smiley:

February 2007: The menu is changed.

November 2007: The background colors are changed slightly.

January 2010: A new logo appears on the page. Merry Christmas :smile:

December 2011: The login is now in the menu. The last picture before the merge with nova.gs

February 2013: A new Internet Go Server appears: nova.gs

October 2013: A new interface for nova.gs is established. Last picture before the merge with online-go.com

December 2013: Welcome to the (new) online-go.com!

Early 2014: 4.0 is released! Rejoice!

Mid 2014: After some time, OGS 4.1 is born. Comes with an improved interface again. :smile:

Today: The new 4.2 Beta is public!


Feel free to add screenshots from old versions, if you have them! I’d love to see how the website looked and felt back then.

Found an old screenshot of people playing on one of the earlier nova.gs versions: (from L19)


The looks are minor part of the history. IMHO the main part are people (devs, active players, title holders, etc.), tournaments, games, reviews. It would be nice to have a page on the site with some historical facts.

Back then the site felt really different, because of “a heavy focus on organised tournament and competitive play” (Sensei’s Library). It was easy to say who were the strongest players at the server and it was exiting to try yourself aganst them by registering into the same tournaments.

PS. Do you know that a professional played at OGS for some time (and even lost one of his games)?


Talking about breakfast?

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Old thread, and a LOT has happened here since December ’14 …

… but it occurred to me that the merger announcement should also be documented here since it apparently got lost during the transition.

Posted Sat Oct 19, 2013 3:46 pm on https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1056448/novags-and-online-gocomogs-merge (so @anoek must have posted the original on nova.gs shortly before)

Text version (of anoek’s announcement only)

(thanks to @Phelan for posting this on boardgamegeek long time ago :wink: )


Found this thread accidentally, and thought reviving it with new data and summary may be a good idea.

  • online-go.com was started on Nov. 17, 2005
  • nova.gs was started in Feb. 2013, merged with OGS on Oct. 19, 2013
  • OGS version 4.0 released in early 2014, 4.2 in Dec. 2014
  • OGS version 5.0 released on Feb. 13, 2017
    v.5.0 structure
    nginx+uwsgi+django for the app server
    node for the real time game and chat server
    redis+postgres for application database
    Cloudflair CDN as a new feature
  • Migration of database to Cassandra completed in 2017
  • OGS user interface became open source on Feb. 25, 2017
  • Glicko2 rating system introduced on Aug. 8, 2017
  • Migration from Elo to Glicko2 rating completed in 2017

@anoek @matburt please edit/correct/add as you see fit.


May, 2012


Meanwhile … 2019-06-11 …

It’s your heartblood too that flows through the veins of OGS.

(Please add anything notable that I may have omitted.)