Napster's music sharing thread. Chit chat and links

Hey its alright my life has always been a sad emotion
Don’t feel sorry for me.


Thanks for the new song to add to my list. I really like it.


You’re welcome I’m glad someone else enjoyed it.
You ever listen to MSI before? :0

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Connecticut Casual:


Napster, do you know the avalanches?

Just let this album play some time… works well as a whole.


Napster: I was intrigued by how the beginning sounded faintly like late Beatles, then by the use of stop-rhythm, and finally by the arch of increasing dissonance.

Added: Referring to Bed of Roses.

I shall peep it but this is the only one I know from them

I liked the phrases mostly and not so much the connective tissue or the discord of it later.
One of my ogs friends once described MSI as an anti-band, and I like that description.
I like the song up to the minute mark.
The beat from there shifts to more punkish which didn’t capture how i felt ^^"

after a weird intro, I like it so far :3 and then some songs are just out there lol very unique stuffz

For @Napster

I added a return before your YouTube link so that the video will be shown inline. You’re welcome :slight_smile:

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Fazil Say’s Black Earth, inspired by a Turkish folk song by Aşık Veysel (1894-1973), lyrics below.

I embraced many, thinking they were friends
Black earth (is), my faithful beloved
I wandered in vain, tired for nothing
Black Earth (is), my faithful beloved

I devoted myself to many beautiful ones
I neither saw faithfulness (in them) nor found any use
I took everything I wished for from the Earth
Black Earth (is), my faithful beloved

She gave me sheep, gave me lamb, gave milk
Gave food, gave bread, gave meat
When I didn’t beat her up with pickaxe, she gave short
Black Earth (is), my faithful beloved

She sheltered me since Adam
She fed me all sorts of fruits
She carried me on her surface everyday
Black Earth (is), my faithful beloved

I ripped her belly with pickaxe
I tore her face with my hands and nails
Yet, she greeted me with rose of hers
Black Earth (is), my faithful beloved

She laughed at me as I tortured her
There’s no lie in this, everyone saw it
I gave her a single seed, she gave me four orchards
Black Earth (is), my faithful beloved

If I look up in the air, I take air
if I look down to the Earth, I take prayer
Where would i stay if I leave the Earth
Black Earth (is), my faithful beloved

If you have a wish, ask it to the God
To collect it, go no farther away from the Earth
The Earth has been blessed with generousity by the God
Black Earth (is), my faithful beloved

If you seek truth, here’s a clear point:
The God is close to man, and man to the God
God’s secret treasure is within the Earth
Black Earth (is), my faithful beloved

The Earth covers all of our faults
It recovers me, salving my wounds
It is waiting for my arrival with arms open wide
Black Earth (is), my faithful beloved

Whoever is honored with this secret
She (or he) leaves an unfading legacy to this world
One day, she takes Veysel to her bosom
Black Earth (is), my faithful beloved


I have never heard/seen anything like it :slight_smile: neat how he muted the piano:3
For thr lyrics it seemz quite depressing xD like to me a comment on existing.

The muting technique is called “buffered piano,” I think. It is an outgrowth of John Cage’s “prepared piano,” simpler to do, but more limited in sound. Glad you liked the poem; I find it moving.

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An interesting and pretty song in the “acid folk” genre. Nora is the daughter and sister of a couple of more famous folk musicians.

Steeleye Span has been around for fifty years (!) and they’ve made a ton of good music, but lately this song has been quickest to jump into my head.

Leslie Fish is a name you’ll know if you’ve ever dipped into “filk”, a genre of folk based around fantasy fiction and scifi. This particular album has a strong libertarian theme and that comes through in this song.


I liked the first one but didnt like the voices for the others personal pref :slight_smile:

I have not my dude. I shall have to investigate further.

They have lots of garbo but some good stuff.
"If album was mostly angsty okay, straight to video, shut me up (was how i found them) and the new album called how i learned to stop giving a fuck and like msi is also decent. ^^