Lee Sedol vs HanDol

With the first match of Lee Sedol vs Korean AI HanDol beginning less than 12 hours from now, I thought it would be good to have resources pertaining to the matches in an easy to find place.

The first match begins 2019-12-18T03:00:00Z. Lee will play as black with a 2 stone handicap. HanDol will take 7.5 point komi.

Moves will be relayed at:

The following streams will be offering live commentary during the match:

I will update this post as I find more streams and resources


Match Schedule:

  1. Dec 18, Seoul
  2. Dec 19, Seoul
  3. Dec 21, Sinan-gun (Lee’s homeland)

Rules are: Lee starts with 2 stones but white gets 7.5 points. If he wins, second game is even, if loses, second game with 3 stones. Depending on the results of the second game, third game’s handicap is also adjusted. (Time limit is 2 hours, I think)

To remind, AI opponent is called Handol (한돌, 韩豆). Last AI tournament it finished 3rd losing only to FineArt and Golaxy. Link to 3rd place match. In January it also played a series of games against top Korean players, one game against Shin Jinseo is on youtube:


So do we know when Lee Sedol will be playing Handol? Or if it will be relayed somewhere?

@S_Alexander gave the dates in an earlier post:


Ah yes, I either missed that or just completely forgot where it was said :slight_smile: thanks!

Already only around one week left. I can’t wait for the match. I wonder if anyone is going to cover it live. Maybe Yoonyoung? Or @xhu98 has any plans? I also think we could relay the moves on OGS since it’s such a big match.


Yoonyoung has said that she plans to stream during the match


Maybe Michael Redmond and Chris Garlock will steam/relay it in OGS, only discovered they started steaming yesterday when they reviewed a game on OGS :slight_smile:

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Yeonwoo Cho’s latest video talks more about Sedol’s game with Handol in the second half (timestamped in the link)


The first half of that video is also relevant to our discussion above of move 78 from game 4 of the Lee Sedol vs AlphaGo match,

Starting from:


It seems that the new development is that only recently has Lee Sedol called it a “trick move”.

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So what’s our predictions? How will the match go? Lots of people say with authority that Lee is going to win 3 stones against komi. And to not be a sheep I want to say that Handol wins second game too so it’s going to be 0-0-1 for Lee Sedol. Is it too crazy to imagine bots learning to play handicap well?

Lee’s interview, you can auto-generate auto-translate subtitles.


I’m gonna go ahead and say Handol goes the whole series undefeated :slight_smile:


A POLL, somebody PLEASE make a poll! (Must end before the games begin, of course … or maybe even three polls, one for each game? I don’t know.)


Sounds like you just volunteered


Nope, TBH, I’m still overwhelmed by Real Life “and stuff”. I was honestly expressing a wish. But I don’t really have the time to write up something informative, I know too little about the match, etc., etc.


Fair call :slight_smile: sorry for putting you on the spot :heart: honestly great to see you pop in

  • Lee 3 - 0 HanDol
  • Lee 2 - 1 HanDol
  • Lee 1 - 2 HanDol
  • Lee 0 - 3 HanDol

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This poll isn’t very good because 1-2 can go 0-0-1 or 0-1-0 and these are the two most likely outcomes.

I thought to make a poll but decided against it because we have 8 options but only 2 viable so it becomes a bit silly,

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The first game is in less than 48 hours now, right? Anyone knows exact game start time?


Figured if anyone would know it’d be you :sweat_smile: