Guess rank game


Do you know the game where you try to guess players’ ranks just from the moves? Why don’t we try that?

Here’s a game for you (originally from OGS):

I’ll say that the game lasted 40 minutes and black’s and white’s ranks are the same. Both players look legit.

How would you evaluate their ranks?

I’ll give away the answer in a day or two.

Round 1 is over, answer is here.


I’ll take wild guess at somewhere around weak end SDK. 8k or so


I guess OGS 1d.


Hmmmmm. How do you explain move 191 then? Is it about sente?


The purpose of move 191 is to trick you into thinking they are below dan level.


these players are 23 kyu who wants to be strong players


I think these are 3 kyus.


DDKs or weak SDKs


Mid sdk


Everyone here needs to stop hedging :smiley: Pick a rank!


Seem to know what they’re doing, so DDK, but no subtlety to play (no kikashi, plays a bit clumsy and obvious)
Bigger plays missed, not much attention to sente. so my guess is … is… 16k


My first thought was that this was someone playing against himself so I’ll stick to that even though OP said ‘Both players’. As for rank…12kyu with my theory allowing for some of the peculiar moves.


maybe 10-12k, judging from moves in endgame such as move 128. also moves like move 20 and move 63 feels a bit slow since white won’t really be able to cut… it kinda makes me feel like a player is playing himself. (in particular, n18 and s10 gave me a similar feel? and they didn’t really follow up on those moves.


@hiryuu @BHydden @spatula Come on, pick one number. Things like “ddk or weak sdk” cover about ~90% of ogs :stuck_out_tongue:


alright, I pick 12k and I believe they are the same person.


Honestly it’s hard to guess a rank when you know players are not trying their best. Black could have chosen better than P11 to start with.

I’d say drunk 2 dan.

Just curious: is the rules information correct? (Japanese, 6.5 komi)


Yes, Japanese rules, komi 6.5.


I see. Score estimator trickery :slight_smile:

I might change my guess to drunk AI in training then…


The amount of opening mistakes alone are stunning. A 1D should be able to wreck both of these players. However I do know that people are crazy, so my guess is 5kyu, which is already quite high.


They’re not opening mistakes, they’re moves deliberately chosen to confuse either opponent or this audience.

The game is weird, because neither player makes terribly unreasonable moves. It’s too calm, as if someone was playing against himself, thus not feeling the need to “win”. The opening is irrelevant. Reading is either dan level or it’s a correspondence game with both players always deflecting each other’s intentions.

Then there are clearly point-losing moves like 133, 252 which are just bad.