Show your Goban/Study Space!


Hey everyone! Why don’t you post pictures of your home Goban or study space!

I would love to see all those beautiful pictures. :smiley:

Here is my personal Goban. I bought it earlier this year from Mr. Kuroki in Japan. It’s Hyuga Kaya:

###Playing with my wife:

###My personal study space:

Playing Go IRL pictures

Beautiful goban.

What type of stones and bowls do you have?


I bought the bowls over ebay for a few bucks, so I don’t know their wood. They look nice though. :slight_smile:

The stones are Korean Glass stones in the biggest variation. I have them in Light/Dark Green and Black/White.


I think I’ve seen these pics before … was it on L19? … now gotta find that and connect your nick here with you here in my mind :smiley:


A bit old-school. There are probably nicer equipment corners in the slums of Beijing.


Where did you get those glass go stones? How do you like them?

Are they the same as these?
Or did you get them from a different manufacturer?

I’m asking since I’m thinking about upgrading to a nicer set of stones.


I bought them at Hebsacker-Verlag in Germany. :smiley:

Those pictures below are from the Hebsacker Website, and the links go directly to their shop. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if they ship outside Germany, though.

#Green Ones

#Normal Ones


They do ship outside Germany, I bought some materials from that shop before and had them shipped to Denmark.


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Me, of course. :smiley:


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My go equipment



I am playing Go at the beach this very moment. :smiley: Greetings from Holland.


Go and tea space in the living room.

@Franzisa: Beer go on the beach. Fun times :smile:

@yebellz: Very sharp and nice bokeh!


BOAtanne, who also plays on OGS got this nice birthday present today:

Linden Tree bowls and Shin Kaya bowls, together with Black, White and Green glass stones; plus a solid Shin Kaya board. It was a big community present from the whole club of friends, and he didn’t see that coming. :blush: :hearts:




Enjoying the afternoon with a bottle of honey wine.


I set up a goban to track correspondence games on my bulletin board.

The board is just a print out on an 8.5x8.5 inch piece of paper, and the magnetic stones are from travel set.


Here is mine, sorry for bad quality. I just got the little table to put the go board on, pretty neat to just turn the chair around (and not get distracted by all my cables!) and having the board right there :slight_smile: The table is an Ikea Lack, goes for like 49SEK and I am so Swedish I have an Ikea in my home town so it was pretty easy to get. I wish I could get a nice tea table I’ve seen others have but I have problems with my spine and stuff so I can’t sit on the floor :confused: To be honest I do most of my studying on the computer though, but for pro games I always use the board.