Show your Goban/Study Space!


Here’s mine. Just got the board and stones as birthday gifts. To think that my family complained of cost - they’d have a heart attack if I’d listed the ones I really wanted…

Sadly, my wife refuses to learn and my brother in law is probably somewhere in the 25kyu range. I’ve taken to trying to win by a single point against him (He refuses to take appropriate handicap, so aiming for 1 point trains my counting and makes it a lot more fun for him). My book collection’s nothing to look at and I don’t have a dedicated study space. Yes, those are crown royal bags holding my stones for the time being.


Stephanie (Mingming) Yin 1P schooling a couple of amateurs in my apt.


My board + New books And a partial position from the bottom left book


Were you one of those amateurs? :wink:


ha, yes I was one of those amateurs.


This is my Study Place
The Board is a handmade MDF board. I still dont have any bowls . I plan to buy a real goban (maybe legged one) when i will become stronger.

The stones are Korean Glass stones.

The magnetic board have 2 purposes. Design and showing problems . This one is simple I’ve already done it but looks nice :smile:
And of course the computer where I play my games online.


Pepper the Senegal Parrot has recently taken an interest in the bowl of black nuts on the coffee table. Now I have a towel to cover the table when not in use.


Awesome bird! And that there visually under his/her beak—is it a blob of what I think it is?


Did you think it was a piece of cucumber? And if you’re curious, the other things on the floor are bits of a gray colored Croc (the shoe). Pepper has such a thing about shoes that I give him old ones to tear apart.

Also, for anyone considering a bird as a pet, they are more trouble than cats or dogs and they live longer, much longer. They can be very rewarding, but only if you are the right person, with a lifestyle that can meet the needs of the bird. Think long and do your research before you acquire a pet bird.


My book collection from the Japan trip


From a 2nd hand store? Also surprised they sell Eng books


The English books are from kiin, the bottom 3 books from second hand stores, rest from retail stores or Amazon


Nice! Seems like a good way to both keep your correspondence games in the front of your mind and serve as a Go conversation starter among co-workers.



Agathis table board from 6 Brothers (Korea)
Agathis bowls from 6 Brothers (Korea)
Yunzi stones from Yellow Mountain Imports (California)



Beautiful table. Where did you get it from?


I got it from Möbelix. http://www.mö
They don’t have it anymore, just checked. ( i bought it a few weeks ago)