Show your Goban/Study Space!


I love that table. Looks like a very cozy study space



Lots of beautiful places and gobans here.

I started playing go last october and needed my own goban. So I took my old living room table and reworked it.
Here is the final result:

I started with the following table:

Full imgur album with all the steps of wood work (sanding, oiling, drawing…):

In the future I’d love to have signatures on the table by dan players who would share a game on this table.
Maybe write some nice go proverbs or maybe carve a dragon and a phœnix or something. But so far it is functional and enjoyable.

Hope you enjoy.


I can well imagine the dinnertime conversation around a table like that. And I guess the old boardinghouse reach would get quite a workout. Could you pass the butter with your next move?

Nicely done by the way.


This table is much too beautiful to let amateurs sully it with their dirty signatures.

Seriously, nice work.


have you considered doing any lichtenberg figures? I think that would look pretty sweet. Awesome job though, looks nice.


Haha. Thanks, maybe you are right about the signatures.


I love the idea! I have started looking at the process. It can be a bit tricky. I have to train on some pieces of wood to feel how it goes and maybe one day I’ll try on the table. It could be really nice.


yeah, you can definitely get some varying results. I think it depends a lot on the kind of wood, and especially the grain. But if done well would look pretty awesome. Post some picks when you finish it!