Community Go terms

Have you ever found yourself in want of certain terms for reviewing and discussing games, positions, teaching methods and so on and created your own?

Here are a few DIY terms I’ve put to use over the years.

  • davebase. A database of one’s mistakes that can be looked over later for reminders. To davebase is to construct such a database.

  • etymology: The practice was introduced to me by dan player and teacher GoDave89 on the OSR discord, where a #davebasing channel was eventually created.

  • crocodile’s mouth. A crocodile’s mouth is this shape. There are usually white stones on the dots.


  • etymology: it’s like a tiger’s mouth, but bigger. I just realised that it could also be called a tick shape.

  • bamboo slant. A bamboo slant is this shape. There are almost always white stones on the dots.


  • etymology: It’s a slanted bamboo joint.

  • futile push / turn. A push or turn into a keima that doesn’t make a cut possible, being aji keshi.


  • etymology: I originally saw it in reference to the diagram below, in a list of humorously-named shape mistakes on a page I’ve long forgotten.
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Oh, also the jug, which is a development of the crocodile’s mouth, adding a turning “handle” stone.


And the giraffe jump, which I fancy looks like a giraffe, with the keima as its long neck reaching up from the tiger’s mouth.