Completed game is stuck in my turn indicator

I’ve seen a few reports of this (such as Game finished, move indicator doesn't think so) but it’s not clear if I can fix it (the reply there suggests only @anoek can fix?).

This game was showing in my turn indicator for the entire game. I’ve seen this in the past, but once the game completed it disappaered. However, this one did not - the game is over, but it forever shows in my turn indicator so when I click it to work through them, I keep ending up at this game:

If anyone is able to fix it, it would be very much appreciated!

Thanks :slight_smile:

It is true that you’ve done what can be done: ping anoek for these ones.

We’ve had a “burst” of them just recently. It’s very hard to track down, but we’ll keep looking for what is causing that.

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Friendly ping - is it expected this was fixed? I understand I’m not paying for this server and I don’t expect support, I’m just checking in case it was expected fixed and didn’t work.

(I noticed the web UI is up on GitHub and is OSS, but I presume that’s not the case for the server - which is where I presume this bug is?)

Oh, I should have said "ping @anoek " so he takes a look :woman_facepalming:

Maybe now? :slight_smile:

I already pinged like that in my original post :slight_smile:

It’s not a big deal, just a small annoyance. It’s weird that when I’m working through games the broken one seems to come up way more often than I’d expect though (like it’s not just working through them in order, because I’ll be taken to it 4-5 times as I work through 10-15 games - and it’s not because new moves are being played on games I’d already responded on).

I think that might be because there is a preference to cycle to the game created earliest so any time the cycle is interrupted, this (presumably older since it’s stuck) game pops back to the top of the list.

I’m not an expert, just my theory!

This one too, please!

Move indicator always shows 1 move for me, but refers to this game (that is already finished).

Looks like this just got fixed this morning (at least for my game noted above) . Not sure if related to the current maintenance announcement and not sure if just mine was fixed or all games in that state.