Computer Games

Hi - my computer games seem to have stopped working. No matter what level of game I select or what bot, the game loads, I hear “Game Started” but the computer never lays down the first stone. Any advice?

I did see a banner on the main site earlier mentioning something about some of the bots not functioning.

Maybe they’re not all back up and running yet? They’re usually maintained by individuals as opposed to OGS centrally.

If someone knows more about the bots timing out they could link here.

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My son has tried his machine and it works. I"ve logged out of OGS, logged back in. Tried a new password and even a different browser. Still no Go (if you excuse the pun). Please can anyone offer advice? I’m missing my bot games.

Probably some kind of issue with the OGS API. There’s a thread about it, I think.