Computer login in works but phone app does not sign in

The topic says it all. I can log into my account on my computer, but not on my phone. I’ve tried changing my password multiple times. The browser is edge that works, but Firefox that does not work. Where is there a moderator to contact? I cannot find any to help. Thank you.


@anoek is probably the only one who can help with login issues >__>


What type of error message are you getting? Have you tried some other mobile browsers?

There might not much that I can really help with, but gathering more information about the issue would help to debug.

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I tried using the same browser that works on my computer and others and none of them work.

What exactly does not work? Does the website seem to load properly? Or not at all? Is it just that your password is being rejected? Or do you get some other sort of error message?

I think sharing some further info about specific mobile OS and browser versions might help. Keep in mind that the mobile versions of browsers are quite different than their PC counterparts. The shared name is just branding.

With the current level of information provided, it seems unlikely that your issue can be resolved.

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It says username or password is invalid.

Is it something to do with the dots in the username?

I know my phone autocorrects punctuation for example, two dashes turn into some kind of em dash, while three dots actually turns into some kind of three dots symbol

as in ... vs

As in dots are U+002E while the ellipsis (three dots) is U+2026 I believe.