Computers Available to Play for Guest

When showing people OGS for the first time, all of the play buttons are disabled and I am wondering why the computer button is not visible? Guest playing bots should only have up sides yea?

Also, shouldn’t computer be under Custom Game not AutoMatch?


No account, no rank, much moaning and groaning :wink:

That said, it’s certainly worth a thought “what benefits could there be to opening unranked games to guests”

Technically yea :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: But that’d mess up the layout eh… :sweat_smile:

I of course didn’t mean to suggest ranked games against bots, but what could possible be wrong with non ranked games against bots? Do people really complain about that?

I and about 100 people on the forums have their opinions about the layout lol

The flow that I envision from my end is I walk a person through a what is Go and how to play Go tutorial and then I link them to the play page where I would like them to be able to try a quick game (9x9) to see if they like it or not. If they do it would be expected that they would make an account to play humans. That’s my theory anyway

Currently I have them play Squishy or Cosumi.


No, I agree “what could be wrong with that - nothing?!”

The complaining I was referring to is unleashing unranked people into the general challenge pool - we already have complaints about [?] people.

I do like the idea of making it possible to play at OGS before signing up though.

Note that guest links are our current tool for that… have you considered these in your use case?

Honestly I completely forgot it existed. I will look into it more. Ty


Not sure I understand the complaint, given we’re speaking of games against bots?

When showing people OGS for the first time, all of the play buttons are disabled (and I am wondering why the computer button is not visible)?

I was referring to the first part of the question, with that observation.

Maybe if you’re a bot owner and your bot gets essentially ddosed by non users it might be an issue. As in if people not having an account are taking up all of the available “slots” or availability of bots :stuck_out_tongue:

That said though, as mentioned, there are invite links where you get a guest account once you follow it to play. I suppose one could maybe imagine generating one of these links (either static or dynamically) which immediately starts a game with a specific bot and again creates one of the usual honoured guest accounts @GreenAsJade?

This is pretty close to what I’m hoping for in the short term. I looked into the links but I have to create it with my account and they can play me but that is it.

As an example, I was teaching my brother in law how to play last night and he played Cosumi and after 6-7 games finally beat the 5x5 and started 6x6. This is a good feeling of leveling up for beginners.

Can’t you just ask someone running a suitable bot to create such a link for you? (Will it be usable multiple times? No idea …)

I was kind of imagining the bot owner might have to do this also - in the sense it’s something they would likely want to approve. I don’t know what happens if when someone follows such a link and the bot rejects the challenge because it has too many challenges already, or if it can’t do that, maybe it causes an error in the bot etc.

So then if there was a way to create a static one that always worked, or dynamically generate one each time that worked, that one be one way for the bot owner/Clossius I suppose to quickly get someone into a game.

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This is probably the solution I need for my project. Now if only I knew how to make an OGS bot… :sweat_smile: