Concerning scoring error

Starting out, I want to make it clear I am addressing the glitch itself, and not my opponent in anyway Anyway, the game got to the stone removal phase, and both me and my opponent had agreed on the score. However, as the game was paused at that moment for reasons unbeknownst to me, the game did not resolve but remained paused. I checked my screen, I had no option to unpause the game. I figured that my opponent had accidentally paused the game, so I assumed they would fix it. I was on ogs the whole time, and I never received a notification of any kind regarding the game. When I came back to check, it was tied because scoring had timed out. This does not seem fair or logical in any sense.

Is this a known error? Something new? Even more unsettling than the nullification of my game is the reaching implications of this event. I understand that my game may not be able to be resolved properly- I have no idea whether or not my claims can be verified or not. But my aim in posting this is merely to bring attention to this occurrence.


That’s a new one to me. I thought the usual bug is that at the end of the score phase countdown clock the game just gets stuck in the scoring phase with the clock on zero. If this is an evolution of that bug then it’s worse than before! At least previously a mod could end the game with the right outcome.

For this game I guess all that can be done is to annul it at this point, which is a shame.


I’ll leave a moderator give you a precise answer, I would just say that when something like this happens I suggest you to use the call a moderator button, instead of going away.

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Well I certainly will from now on!


The developer is looking at your game right now because I checked the tab and saw him there. One point I can address is that the pause during stone removal phase is normal. The system always pauses the game during stone removal in order to stop the game clock (as distinct from the scoring clock). Normally the scoring clock would run down and decide the game based on the score, or get stuck as @teapoweredrobot mentioned, in which case a mod would manually decide the game. I have never heard of this “tie” condition.