Conditional Move doesn't seem to work or buggy

I’ve been having this issue for some days. At first I thought it was because I forgot to click “Accept”, but then it happened several times.

Just now I was very sure I saved an obvious endgame sequence to save time. But then when my opponent played, only the first move of the sequence was played automatically.

When s/he play the next move in sequence my planned conditional moves didn’t work and I had to play manually.


I have experienced the same.


Yeah, it’s certainly out fault. Sorry about that. I will let anoek know, see if it’s some easy fix since it used to work before :slight_smile:


I’m having the same issue. Has any headway been made on this?

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No fix so far, sorry. Only the first move in a sequence is reliably played out.


I thought I was going crazy, but then realized I could reproduce by

  1. playing conditional moves
  2. accept
  3. leaving the page (this is important)
  4. coming back to the game
  5. reopening the conditional move planner.

Anyone else getting this?

Some details:

  • playing on Android (Chrome browser)
  • correspondence games

Please see here ->

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Thanks Adam!