Conditional move removal bug + some

Tarot: Noticing malfunction in conditionals sometimes. If try to remove the last plays by out, will sometimes add extra move on the 13th line [seems to happen on 13.13 games mostly]

And I notice that when attending a review, ~5% of the time text will load above the goban. Other times below. On my android, I can read both simultaneously if the text is on the top, but I have to continually scroll up and down if the text is below. Is there a way to force it to load in the preferred way?

Thanks. Love ogs, great system, I am more powerful now than ever I’ve been. You are helping me to advance.

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Is this conditional move removal bug in android? if so it sounds a lot like this.

Yes, very similar. Android chrome. out moves will add more moves to the chain, random moves often on the edge.