Conditional moves button not visible (solved - it has to be your opponents turn()

Dear Developers,
my playing partner told me that conditional moves are below “analysis” and above the “pause game” button, but I usually do not see this option - in my menu there is a black space where the button should be. Why do my conditional moves not work?

Is analysis disabled in this game?

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No, I did enable analysis in all my games.
Check out any random of my games:
𝑔𝑒𝓉𝒶𝓰𝓸𝓫𝓪𝓷 (

Could you share a screenshot? A black space in the dock is unusual

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It might be better if you linked a specific fave where you have this issue. But probably a screenshot is even better.

The only thing I wonder about looking at your games is that many of them are non-standard board sizes. I wonder if that’s an issue with conditional moves. I don’t see why that should be the problem but I’ve not tested.

Isn’t there a space on the right side of the logos, where I see the
[analyze tool]


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Have you ever been in the “game preferences” in settings and clicked

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Its only visible on the opponents turn. Can they see it when it isnt their turn, or is it hidden regardless whos move it is?


thanks for asking: I actually did NOT disable analysis - it looks like in your screenshot.

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this is a great question, because indeed I only looked in games in which it was my turn - and as soon as I now checked out a game in which I already played - there the two arrows were!
(I still don’t figure how this works, but at least I now can see it - thanks all you people !!!)