Conditional moves button

I use conditional moves very much in all my correspondence games.
As I mostly play on a smartphone, I always have to scroll down before I can reach the button for conditional moves.

I would like an option to place that button right next to the button “undo” for a much more convenient access without any need to scroll.

There’s plenty of free space over there. So, one could even add more of the frequently used buttons there, e. g. the “estimate score” button.
What do you think about this?


Hah - I might take on this request, just so you can use them more in our game :smiley: :smiley:



Any more suggestions for quick access buttons?

Zen mode and game information would also be nice.

perhaps all these could be full text in the bottom menu, but as icons only in the undo row?

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what does the conditional moves do?

If in a certain situation you expect your opponent to play A and you want to answer with B, you can pre program this so that when this happens B will automatically be played. Sort of speeding up a game. You can also pre program a series of moves.

For obvious reasons this mostly appears in correspondence games, sometimes in live games and never (hardly ever?) in blitz games.

Often conditional moves (and analysis) are not allowed.



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