Conditional Moves - Logical Operators

Would be pretty cool to have conditional moves support logical operations. An example being: if my opponent does NOT play P10 OR O11, play R13. Just a thought I had while playing recently. Really enjoy the conditional moves feature as is, especially for joseki patterns.

Separately, I am a developer myself and was wondering if there is any guidance surrounding contributing code to the site, or if such volunteer PRs are even allowed.



Contributing is quite easy. There are several github repos: GitHub - online-go/ Source code for the web interface, GitHub - online-go/goban: A JavaScript library for exploring and playing the game of Go. Small PRs are usually accepted. If you are planning to do something complicated, it’s better to check with anoek first if what you are planning to do does fit his expectations.

Edit: Only the front-end is open source.


Would be nice if it can also be combined with loading in a premade conditional moves file, so you could just load in your good old 3-3 invasions, sanrensei or black hole fuseki.

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I wonder how advanced one might want to make this logical operator language and how large of a premade file might be allowed.

Could this language be Turing complete, or, even further, convenient enough to practically implement some algorithms, like say processing the board position through a neural network and some search loops making use of that? And could the file be allowed to be large and descriptive enough to specify the parameters of a pretrained network?

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I like your way of thinking @yebellz!

Looking forward to your implementation of Leela in conditional-moves-script. :grin:


Why not KataGo?

I’m just playing devil’s advocate here. I doubt any such feature would actually make that practical, and, of course, it should be prohibited by the rules against AI assistance.

However, I think there is some gray area between the current implementation of the conditional moves and more advanced versions, as suggested earlier in this thread, that I think is worth discussing, in order to figure out where it makes sense to draw the line.

@Vsotvep suggested the use of premade files that could contain fuseki/joseki books. How far should one go with that?

For example, AlphaGo Teach’s entire fuseki book is available online and can be download as an SGF file, see:

Would it be appropriate for one to make and use a premade conditional moves fuseki book based on that?


For correspondence games it’s currently also allowed to use AlphaGo Teach and Joseki dictionaries, so it’s not that different, except that it would be automatic, right?

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