Conditional moves messed up?

Just finnished a game where I think that conditional moves sabotaged first my opponent next me. The game was pretty close all the time unlike all my other games where I fell further and further behind.

It seened that I will lose at few points but Still was some yose move where I could get ahead. And my opponent put some conditional moves and messed up. It was not like his style. But I accepted the gift and ataried the three stones gifted. I continued with some conditional moves myself, and I ended with 20 stones captured :slight_smile: It seems that I put in conditional moves an sequence where I left my stones in atari. It may be true that first my opponet let his guard down being ahead and missed the atari at those three stones, being an atari working by lack of liberties when connecting to run. And too myself, got blinded by the unexpected win, I left my stones in direct atari, when I could have captured the three stones and atari few more with a sure win.

OR, it may happen that conditional moves are messed up and still keeps some variants which were analyzed or put on conditional moves, but cancelled later.

So, I write this just to ask if somebody messed up this way too. A friend of mine was surprised too by the outcome of conditional moves. The sequence resulted, was not at all what intended. Yes it may be just carelessness and bad memory, but since I see so many other issues with conditional moves I doubt that is always the wetware fault.

It may happen that the bug appears under certain browsers, so it is worth being analyzed this issue.

Or just as a warn. NEVER, NEVER, analyze, or put sequence that are not absolute sure in conditional moves, since there it may be the risk of them popping out even you cancel them.


Never had the conditional moves screw me over (unless it was my fault, sometimes I explore a variation and forget where I am)

I certainly wish I could blame my blunders on the Conditional Move machine!


I find the interface of conditional moves somewhat disconcerting, in that it doesn’t really give solid feedback about what action was taken. One can wonder: when you hit “Cancel” does this mean “cancel the changes I put in just now instead of saving them”, or does it “cancel all my conditional moves”.

After deleting conditional moves and hitting “Save” I’m always nervous whether they really were deleted, because there’s no feedback about that. I tend to re-open the panel and make sure they are gone.

I have no evidence that moves that are deleted do end up being activated, it’s just a nervous feeling.

It’s also worth noting that the “Cancel” button does not cancel any moves. It cancels the changes that you made so far, instead of saving them (that’s the other button).


I use conditional moves every day in my corr games and echo the experience of Eugene. These moves can get pretty wonky on the list algorithm if I back up and make changes, and I have come to “x” them out and start over rather than try to change them. Even then, sometimes they don’t cancel out to a clean slate, so I’m forced to peek back and assure them gone, or sometimes going in and out of the actual game just to clear them.

That said, once the sequence is as I have intended it, I have never had conditional moves make an obvious error.


Thanks for the answers.
I do not find the cancel button confusing. Obviously, will cancel only the changes, not all moves previously accepted.

And what can be seen in that tree after you close it and open it again, must be considered saved,. I was afraid of some moves being saved without you actually seeing them there. This idea was given by the fact that it was some periods when I accepted some conditional moves, but next day when oppening the game they were gone. Make them again accept. And next day again gone. I am not quite sure if they were gone for real or the opponent have them pop up if fall on an acceptet sequence. Maybe I will find a partner and do some tests.


Feel free to send me a correspondence game challenge, Evita (ranked, unranked, handicapped, no handicapped, whatever you prefer) and I’d be happy to play with lots of conditional moves and see what we come up with. I’m Tongue on OGS. :peace_symbol:


Thanks or the game.

No ”error from the server” this time, but a clear mistake from my part, so it looks like I was the one that messed before. Clearly, placing to many variants on conditional moves increases chances of a blunder.