Confirmation for send friend request

On my tablet I sometimes hit “add friend” when I’m trying to hit “player notes”. Could we add a confirmation prompt for sending a friend request? That way if someone accidentally hits the button they can cancel it.


Yep, go figure on a phone screen.

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I think that most people who hit the add friend button do so on purpose.
Why should you want to burden all those players with an extra action because you sometimes hit the wrong button?
Isn’t there a possibility to undo this add friend request?


I don’t think there is a way to undo the friend request. You can only remove a friend after they accepted your friend request.


I think that’s true of almost any button: I’d generally never expect mistaken clicks to make up the majority of any button’s use, yet sometimes things have confirmation prompts. I’m also not sure if it’s that much of a burden, it only takes a second to hit confirm and I don’t think most users would be adding friends frequently enough for it to be a nuisance.

Edit: I think the undo feature you mentioned might be a better solution