Confusing open challenge area

I think this is the first time I’ve had a pending challenge waiting to be accepted. The layout is a bit confusing though as I initially thought it was some kind of notification for an accepted challenge that was now shown below in active games. There’s a couple of things that I don’t think help:

  • The “Challenges” header is left aligned, not aligned with “Active Games”, so I didn’t spot it initially as it’s a long way over on a widescreen.
  • There’s no hover text explaining the red “X”, which I assume would cancel the challenge?


Yes, the red X cancels the challenge. I sympathize with your concern. Some time ago, I accidentally cancelled my own challenge, even though I’ve been around several years and understand the notification system. It was a mental lapse on my part, probably because I was too sleepy in the morning. It was a direct challenge for a correspondence game not yet accepted, and when I first saw it on my screen early in the morning, I stupidly thought it was a challenge to me and cancelled it. All my previous direct challenges had been accepted immediately, so I had never seen that box before.

All confusion could be avoided if the screen said “Your Challenges.” Seems like an easy fix.