Connection issues

I’m not a member of the dev team, so I don’t know all of the particulars of the setup. From what I do know, it’s not as simple as just turning off, and then on, the server.

My user name is Tholan. I went from a 13 kyu to a 16 in the last 48 hours because of disconnects. Is it too petty to restore my rating points? Whatever you decide , I will gladly respect.

Just let a moderator know which games you lost due to the server issues and we’ll replace the rating points for those lost games.

What is the best way to contact an administrator?

I lost the following game because I could not connect and when I finally did I had timed out.

You can PM us on OGS proper, or send them as a private message here on the forums. I say to use a PM because it’s easier for us to keep track of which games we have and haven’t adjusted when they are centralized for us.

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What is the best way to contact administrator?

Each game of master AlphaGo shakes the whole world.


Just to follow up, looks like while yes we’ve had a bump in traffic from the AlphaGo/Master news, the actual cause of this downtime was someone accidentally DoS’ing us. They’re IP has been blocked and things seem to be returning to normal.

Sorry for the downtime folks.


Unfortunately the problem persists. I am right now in a game ( which I can no longer access, as the connection to the game server seem down. I’m sure you’ll find the solution eventually, just wanted to state for the record that the issue still remains.

As always I’m grateful for all the great work put in to OGS over the years. It’s a great thing, and as all big projects bound to run in to experience choppy seas (as crodgers nicely put it) once in a while.


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+1, problem still persists

I’m a few hours away from timing out of a game in a tournament if I’m not able to play a move, which I currently can’t seem to do. Restoring the rating isnt really a sufficient solution for tournament games since I’ll be disqualified due to timing out a game. Can’t all correspondence games just be paused or something until the issues are sorted out?

@Leinad Set your account to vacation it’s under settings click the go on vacation button

That will get me about two extra hours. We are right after a major holiday and I used up all of my vacation time during that.

Pause the game then? like you would with a live game.

As far as I can tell, that functionality doesn’t seem to be working for me due to the current server issues. I can press the pause button, but it’s not clear to me of its having an effect.

Oh, never mind. It does now appear to have paused successfully, it just took a long time. Thanks for the suggestion.

Everything appears to be back up and working now for me.

id leave it paused just in case this is the third time the server has settled down now today. Im thinking its each time they block the ip of the person dosing them. They switch their ip and start again. Although i dont know shit about this type of stuff.

My games seem to be returning to normal, but game reviews are still broken: loading takes on the order of minutes, and notes and variations aren’t saving, such that I’m losing my work every time I refresh.