"Connection to the game server lost"

I’ve been having difficulty connecting to the OGS website; sometimes I get the error message repeatedly.

I have no other problems with my Internet connection.

What causes this effect? Is it being fixed?

I noticed a slowdown a few minutes ago but it seems to be better now.

Mods/devs: could this be due to the server having to switch over all the correspondence games with Pause on Weekend mode turned on? The slowdown seemed to start right at 0:00 gmt.

hmm, possibly.

We are also in the process of migrating our services to new infrastructure in order to alleviate some of the performance issues.

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It seems worse today. During games, and during scoring, I get the famous “connection lost” banner. Please fix the problem!!!

We are not having any trouble on our side. According to our monitoring platform we are all green. Part of our monitoring platform is to attempt to connect to the OGS services from many different locations around the world and everything looks fine there with no complaints from any other users.

I’d recommend checking your own internet connection.

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Matburt, I just did a speedtest from the computer I usually use for Go. I’ve got my full bandwidth available: 7.09 mbps download, 1.22 mbps upload. I have no problems with other websites, including YouTube videos, and watching HD programs on my Roku (using the same local internet network). As of yesterday (I haven’t played go today yet), I am frequently disconnected during games or scoring.

The problem may be caused by watching Roku TV while I’m playing go, which might use up my available bandwidth. I will try to keep the Roku off while I play go and let you know if I continue to have problems.