Connotation of go

I have nothing to do. I want to write a science fiction novel about go recently, but it’s still a little vague about go. Can someone tell me?


Do you mean you don’t know enough about Go yet to write about it, or your novel doesn’t feel like it has enough Go themes and content in it yet?


Just want more of what others think

This will be difficult if you can’t refine your subject matter.

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Maybe look around the forums. :slight_smile: Here you’ll find a lot about what people think and how they experience Go.
Take a look at these threads, for example:

But also this thread tells a lot about the culture around Go, I think:


Hello there. Writing a novel is a BIG task, requiring a lot of specialized skills and abilities - which have nothing to do with one’s expertise in the game of Go.

Maybe think about starting with a short story? To me that seems like a more manageable goal.

Before you even begin writing you need to answer some basic story-related questions:

  1. What is the PLOT ARC - there should be a beginning, middle, and end, and interesting events that happen at each stage. Does your story build tension gradually to a conflict/climax at the end and reach resolution? Does it start with a catastrophe and then the characters try to make sense of it for the rest of the story? What sort of adventure are you taking the reader on?
  2. What is the CENTRAL CONFLICT - is it human vs human? human vs machine? human vs the universe? human vs themselves? Does the conflict get resolved at the end of the story, or do you end it in an ambiguous way and force the reader to come up with their own theories about how it might end?
  3. Who are the CHARACTERS - is there a hero/villain for the central conflict? Or is it all anti-heroes struggling to express themselves in competition against each other? Do you want the reader to be able to relate to the characters? What sort of reader are you trying to reach?
  4. Is there CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT - do your characters change based on their interaction or ways of dealing with the central conflict? What sort of resolution is achieved? Do they learn something and grow? Do they sink into despair?

Until you have concrete answers to these questions, the idea of using Go in your story is simply a PLOT DEVICE - it’s something that you can use to move that story in a particular direction. But until you know what story you want to write and what direction you want to go, you have a steering wheel, but no engine and no car. You’re not going anywhere ; )

Good luck!

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